Chile’s economy grew by a better-than-expected 3.5% last year

Chile’s economy grew by a better-than-expected 3.5% last year
According to the publishing company, all manufacturing sectors have increased.

(From Santiago, Chile) They follow good news Because of the Chilean economy Banco Central It was reported that Monthly Economic Activity Indicator (Imacec) associated with month April It was located in A 3.5%Confirming that economic activity continues on track, surpassing all experts’ expectations Development.

“All activities contributed Annual growth Imacec’s, highlights the performance of the services. “Meanwhile, Imacek’s decrease in seasonally adjusted terms was explained as a result of mining and trading,” the issuing company said.

It is to be noted that it has been registered in the month of April Three working days More than the same month in 2023.

According to the report, on an annual basis – that is, on the same date in 2023 –, the Mining 2.4% up Production of goods A 4.8%, at Business activity 6.4% grew and item Services increased by 2.9%.

The news confirms the assessments of experts who agree Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will grow this year in the order of 2,5% and 3%.

The government celebrated this news. “It is positive image. As for mining, this would have been even more positive if the effect of the shutdown of Radomiro Tomic (mine) due to the accident in April was not taken into account. Usually we see In all fields Positive statistics on twelve-month variations, therefore, are data that confirm that the economy is on a path Expansion For this year,” the finance minister said. Mario Marcel.

However, according to experts, the numbers will be more encouraging in the next second quarter.

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“The April figures are very much in line with the expected path for 2024 and allow economic growth to correct to 2.5% for 2024,” he assured La Tercera. Valentina Ababalasa, OCEC-UDP Economist.

“If the current situation continues, we can expect an economic expansion 3% Average second quarter, This was the best performing quarter on record this year. In the second half of the year, this decline is expected in line with a higher relative base and lower momentum. Public Expenditure”Abaplaza added.

The same concept holds Priscilla Robledo, Finduel’s chief economist predicted the biggest increase would come in the second quarter, at 2.6%. “Despite the recent slowdown in activity, there is scope for a showing of GDP growth in the second quarter Solid performance. On an annualized basis we may see an expansion equal to or greater than this first quarter as the basis of comparison is less challenging,” he asserted to the same media.

Felipe Ramirez, Coopecuh’s Chief Economist confirmed that further growth would peak. Last three months Annually, it will be 3.3% of GDP. “The economy has to go this year From low to high. There are several reasons to assume this: monetary policy changes briefly; A recovered wage bill; A credit market should become more dynamic as confidence and better trading terms improve.


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