China and France launch satellite with instruments to detect cosmic explosions | space | Science

China and France launch satellite with instruments to detect cosmic explosions |  space |  Science

Gamma ray bursts that the satellite wants to study can release energy equivalent to a trillion suns. Photo: Composite LR/ AFP/NASA

This Saturday, June 22, China and France marked a milestone by launching a satellite designed to study the largest explosions in space. Project, called my ownEngineers from both countries participated in the design and development of the mission-deployed device, which stands for Space Variable Objects Monitor.

Launched from Jichang Space Station Based in Sichuan province, the satellite’s primary purpose is detection, according to AFP A gamma ray burst. These are luminous phenomena in an observable space. They are diagnosed as brief but intense flashes. Their study is of interest to the scientific community because they present extreme conditions that cannot be replicated on Earth. Also, because they can be seen at cosmological distances, they allow astronomers to study the early stages of the universe.

Astronomers estimate that gamma ray bursts are produced after the collapse of a massive star. Photo: NASA

What would a satellite sent into space look like?

Launched in collaboration between China and France, the satellite is specially designed to withstand the conditions of space and outer space. Monitor gamma ray bursts. It weighs 930 kilograms and its system contains advanced scientific instruments for astronomical research.

There are four main instruments on board. There are two High precision optical telescopes Created in France. Both exist Advanced Inventors Designed in China: one for X-rays and one for gamma rays.

The combination of instruments will allow the satellite to make detailed, multidimensional observations of cosmic phenomena. Optical telescopes are capable of capturing high-resolution images of space, essential for identifying the exact sources of gamma-ray bursts and other objects of interest.

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On the other hand, X-ray and gamma-ray detectors play a fundamental role in measuring the intensity and composition of these bursts.

Why do they seek to study explosions in the universe?

First, gamma-ray bursts are indicators of catastrophic events such as the death of massive stars or the collision and merger of neutron stars. Its study helps us understand the life and death of stars, the formation of black holes and neutron stars. Through this, astronomers can learn new information about the distribution of mass and energy in the universe.

Another remarkable feature is the ability of gamma ray bursts to act as ‘beacons’ over cosmic distances. Their location creates tools for probing the early universe. This includes finding new clues to the formation of the first galaxies.

Likewise, these eruptions play a significant role in the synthesis of heavy elements such as gold and platinum. Fusion of neutron stars, which can produce gamma-ray bursts, is one of the few known processes capable of producing these elements. By studying them, scientists can better understand how chemical elements are formed and distributed throughout the universe.


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