China recommends cooperation in the development of the digital technology sector in Latin America

Zhang Yunming, deputy director of the International Cooperation Department of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, recommended building consensus and cooperation to promote the development of the digital technology sector and seize the opportunity of the ‘Belt and Belt’ initiative. ‘. Accelerate the integration of China and Latin America in technology and industry, continue to promote the exchange of new infrastructure and information resources, develop emerging digital industries, and enrich the achievements of cooperation in digital technology.

“Currently, digitalization has become the trend of the times for innovation and development, affecting technological innovation, industrial ecology and economic development,” Yunming said in his speech at the Technology Cooperation Forum recently. , under the theme “Seize the opportunities in digital technology and stimulate new momentum in China-Latin America cooperation”.

Yunming recommended helping each other and moving forward together to accelerate the process of industrial digitalization, focus on key technologies and shortcomings in the innovation chain, strengthen support for independent innovation, and jointly promote the use of digital technology in manufacturing, education, health, and agriculture. and other sectors, and promote the integrated development of digital technology and the real economy.

He also urged to take several measures simultaneously to develop digital technology cooperation to a new level, such as creating innovation incubation platforms, establishing strategic alliances, laboratories and other methods, deepening digital technology cooperation, and training and developing talented people in digital technology. The breadth and depth of digital technology cooperation between China and Latin America.

“We look forward to working with Latin American and Caribbean countries to promote win-win digital economy and trade cooperation, harness the development potential of the digital economy and other emerging sectors, and inject new vitality to build a shared future society. Latin America, and a new era of China-Latin America relations Create the era and the integrated development of digital technology,” Yunming noted.

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In this framework, President Xi Jinping said in a letter that the development of the digital economy is of great importance, indicating the future direction of global development and a strategic desire to use the new opportunities of the modern technological revolution and industrial transformation. .

He said new technologies such as the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain are undergoing profound changes; The digitized, smart and green transformation of industries is accelerating, and the smart industry and digital economy are flourishing.

“These have greatly changed the global allocation of factors and resources, industrial development patterns and people’s lifestyles,” Ji said.

Yunming pointed out that by 2022, China’s digital economy will exceed 50 trillion yuan, ranking second in the world. At the same time, he assured that “in recent years, digital cooperation between China and Latin America has continued to deepen.”

China’s cloud technology is deeply cultivated in Latin American markets such as Brazil and Mexico, helping companies cut costs and store data securely and efficiently.

The China-Colombia Smart Grid Interconnection Laboratory uses digital simulation technology to develop and transform the Port of Buenaventura.

“Under the scientific leadership of President Xi Jinping, China’s digital economy has a strong growth momentum and has become a powerful engine for improving development patterns, structure, speed and quality,” Yunming said.

The China-LAC Digital Technology Cooperation Forum 2023 took place in the context of the III China-SELAC Ministerial Meeting and Smart China Expo 2023, where the Asian country proposed to strengthen cooperation in emerging areas such as digital economy, artificial intelligence, smart cities. and 5G, to advance the development of the ‘Digital Silk Road’ between the two parties.

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Over the past two years, China and Latin America and the Caribbean have promoted cooperation between governments, companies and research institutions in the aforementioned fields, while working to promote the smart, digital and green development of their respective industries.

For his part, Yu Xiaohui, president of the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology, pointed out that China and Latin America can work together to promote innovation in digital technology, cooperate in building digital infrastructure, and share and promote effective practices. Development experiences in the field of digital transformation.

“In the future, digital technology will continue to be the leading force of industrial transformation, global digital transformation will further accelerate, and digital infrastructure will evolve even faster,” Yu said.

Source: La Estrella de Panama.

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