Christian Cueva’s Wife Responds to Magali Medina Says Her Version of ‘Ambe’ at Santa Anita Cevicheria

Christian Cueva was caught leaving the nightclub in the early hours of the morning at the doors of an important Alianza Lima party. Magali TV La Firm. ATV.

Christian Cueva Again in the eye of the storm. Backed by famous ‘Aladdin’ cameras Magali TV Law Firm On Wednesday, September 27, he left a Cheviseria early in the morning to pay attention to an important match between him. Lima and Melgar Alliance, For first place in the Clausura of Ligue 1 scheduled for this Thursday, September 28, at 8:30 p.m.

Cueva He’s playing tomorrow, but this morning he was going home (…) we didn’t say that cevicheria “They have gathered to drink…we are telling what we see, he left a Cheviseria around 1am, we don’t know what he is doing inside because we are not inspectors,” said the popular ‘Urraqa’ pointing out. Controversial images of the blue and white football player leaving the campus located in the Santa Anita district

Magali Medina He questioned Cueva for – allegedly – not focusing on the gates of the defining fight against Melgar of Arequipa. “What time does the meeting start? We also don’t know, we can’t speculate, we didn’t say he broke up, no,” he commented, reiterating that there were no pictures of Cueva drinking alcoholic beverages.

Christian Cueva left a Cheviceria and was caught by ‘Magali TV Law Firm’ cameras.

Pamela LopezChristian Cueva’s wife and his main bodyguard spoke hours after ‘Ambay’ aired Magali TV Law Firm ATV’s. Mother of three biological childrenCaveMagali refuted Medina, suggesting that he was ‘skating’ with the information being disseminated.

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According to Lopez, they celebrated the birthday of a very important family member who gave the soccer player shelter and food when he was young and started his career. “Happy birthday, Uncle Mouse. We love you. Thank you for welcoming us to your home my husband When he first came to Lima in search of his dreams and the love and warmth of a family to give him. Thank you for taking me along when I started my adventure with my life partner,” she wrote in a story on her official Instagram account.

It didn’t stop there. The Alianza Lima footballer’s wife added:B.S. “My husband trained in the afternoon and was focused.” With emojis of skates.

Christian Cueva’s wife’s response to leave the cevicheria after the arrow in ‘Magali TV Law Firm’. | Pamela Lopez on Instagram

It is worth noting, as reported by An intimate clubCueva He is on the list of starters who entered the concentration camp to face Melgar, the team temporarily leading the Clausura standings.

Let’s remember that at the beginning of July 2023, Cueva starred in a film Additional game corruption After he missed practice. In addition, videos of the player next to several boxes in a nightclub in Trujillo began to circulate on social networks. Beer.

Your future Lima Alliance Being in danger, he came forward and realized his mistake. He apologized to the fans and promised to accept any disciplinary action the club took against him: “I know that mistakes have consequences and I will accept what is given to me. I hope to get a chance to justify myself. I apologize Especially to my family who have been attacked on social media in the last few hours, please leave them alone because any responsibility is mine alone,” ended Cristian Cueva’s message to all Alianza Lima fans.

Christian Cueva left a Cheviceria and was caught by ‘Magali TV Law Firm’ cameras. | ATV

Last Saturday, September 2, Alianza Lima announced permanent Christian Cueva Until the end of the season. We remember that his contract was up until the end of last August. However, they reached an agreement and the 31-year-old footballer will remain at La Victoria during the last stretch of the Clausura and will try to contribute to the club’s goal of achieving three national championships.

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