Lovers of the seventh art will have a compelling reason to celebrate this week, because the long-awaited “Film Party” will take place with the inevitable promotion, which will allow you to enjoy the best films on the big screen for only 6 feet. In this note we will tell you all the details about when this exciting promotion will start and which cinema chains are joining this celebration of cinema.

When will the promotion of 6 SOLS tickets for cinema start?

From this coming Friday, September 15th, movie buffs across the country can enjoy an amazing offer of tickets for only 6 soles. This irresistible promotion will be available on the digital platforms of cinema chains and directly at the box office of theater complexes, offering moviegoers the opportunity to experience the latest news on the big screen at an unbeatable price.

The most anticipated films of the year in theaters during this promotion period are:

  • “Space Cubs” (Premiere)
  • “Guardian of the Forest” (Premiere)
  • “The Nun 2” (Premiere)
  • “Asteroid City”
  • “Barbie”
  • “Blue Beetle”
  • “Disaster in Korea”
  • “Time Rehearsal”
  • “Dracula: Sea of ​​Blood”
  • “Gran Turismo”
  • “Guardians of the Museum”
  • “Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos”

It should be noted that this list is only a selection of films that are in theaters during the promotional period. Theaters often change their programming without notice, so moviegoers are advised to check the movie chains’ websites when purchasing their tickets to confirm movie availability and times.

6 Which movie chains participate in promoting tickets in sales?

The industry’s leading chains like Cineplanet, Cinemark, Cinepolis, Cinema, UVK, Movie Time, Cine Star join this exciting offer that will allow moviegoers to access the latest premiere movies at great prices.

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What better way to have an incredible time than enjoying your favorite movies on the big screen? This ad is perfect for the whole family or organizing an outing with friends. Imagine the excitement of watching highly anticipated movies at prices you can’t resist.

What foods are allowed into cinemas, according to Indecoby

According to guidelines provided by Indecopi, theater attendees are free to bring their own food and enter as long as they meet certain criteria. These products should be similar to those available in the snacks of the companies managing these theatres.

However, there are restrictions to keep in mind when bringing food and drinks into the cinema. Products included must be in individual presentations and in quantities comparable to those offered in candy. In addition, to guarantee the safety of the stadium infrastructure and spectators, the entry of glass bottles or cans is prohibited. Drinks and food which may spill or create foul odors and alcoholic beverages of any kind are prohibited.

Note that family presentations of food and beverages are not permitted in cinemas.

Attendees have the right to request a complaint book and lodge a formal complaint if a theater unreasonably restricts food consumption. You can also contact Indecopi through its virtual channels to report the situation. Failure to comply with these rules may subject the Company to financial penalties.

What are the most popular film companies in Peru?

These are the most famous and recognized film companies in Peru:

  • Cineplanet: This is one of the largest and most popular cinema chains in the country. It has multiple theaters in various cities, offering a wide range of movies and services such as 2D and 3D screenings, VIP rooms and food and beverage options.
  • Cinemark: Another important chain in Peru, Cinemark is present in many cities of the country. It offers modern and comfortable cinema experiences with advanced projection technology and an extensive film schedule.
  • UVK Multicines: This cinema chain is recognized across the country and has multiple locations in various cities. It is characterized by offering a selection of commercial and independent films, and its theaters are equipped with the latest technology.
  • Cine Star: Another popular cinema chain in Peru, Cine Star screens first-run movies and has multiple locations in different parts of the country.
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