CiuLab Bogotá is a new co-creation space for citizen culture

He Urban Development Institute (IDU) and Maloka Corporation for Science, Technology and Innovation Announcing the opening of an exciting collaborative project: Colombia’s first city and citizen culture lab, ‘CiuLab Bogotá’. This innovative space represents a bold step towards developing knowledge and enhancing the collective experience of living in public space.

What is CiuLab?

The project, developed within the framework of the Special Cooperation Agreement IDU-1652-2022, arises from the growing need to involve citizens in the urban development of the city, considering its links with mobility and sustainability. CiuLab Bogotá is a museum space located in the Maloka facilities, part of the permanent exhibitions and composed of six interactive modules and educational devices, offering an experience in sustainable evolution, in which citizens are invited to actively participate. Building knowledge on Bogotá and the dynamics of urban development.

“It is fitting and appropriate to launch our CiuLab Bogotá laboratory at the current time the city is going through, which is under construction and will be for at least the next 10 years, as the mayor has indicated on several occasions. We are transforming Bogotá, making long-needed creations a reality. Our greatest challenges are environmental protection and care, adaptation to climate change and the fight against all forms of inequality and exclusion,” he said. Director of IDU, Diego Sanchez Fonseca.

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And he added: “This is why we are implementing measures for a cultural, social, institutional change and development model. We want citizens, youth and children to take ownership of this space that we designed and invested approximately $800 million “.

Here’s a post from the Institute for Urban Development on the X Network about a new co-creation space for urban development and citizen culture:

The creation of CiuLab began with a process of co-creation with the community, through workshops with groups of adults and children in different locations, in which more than 100 citizens were involved.

As a result of this process, three thematic axes were defined that now guide the experience in the laboratory.

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Explore three thematic zones in CiuLab:

Coexistence in public space

  • Role reflects how we share with others in public space.
  • People’s stories celebrating Bogotá’s diversity.

Urban development

  • Urban Landscapes: Creation and reflection on the territory we live in and its structure, the collaborative game is the place for our dream neighborhood and maps of Bogotá.
  • The Circular Economy: Reflections on Sustainability and Responsible Consumption.
  • Urban Gardening: A Model of Production and Consumption Possibilities in the City.

constant motion

  • Historical journey and current challenges of the movement in Bogotá

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