Claudia Sheinbaum has been elected as the first president of Mexico

Claudia Sheinbaum has been elected as the first president of Mexico

According to a poll released this Sunday night, Claudia Sheinbaum, 61 years old and candidate of the ruling partyThey received 57.8% of the vote to center-right Xóchitl Gálvez’s 29.1% and Jorge Álvarez Máynez (center)’s 11.4%.

Left wing candidate Claudia Sheinbaum She was elected the first female president of MexicoThat’s according to three polls released this Sunday night.

Scheinbaum, 61, became the ruling party’s candidate, winning 57.8% of the vote against 29.1% for center-right Xóchitl Gálvez and 11.4% for Jorge Álvarez Menez (center), according to the Enkoll firm.

Two other polls by media outlets Televisa and El Financiero project Sheinbaum as the “winner,” without revealing percentages yet.

These studies are approved National Electoral Institute (INE). The official screening will be announced on Monday between 04:00 and 05:00 GMT (midnight Peruvian time), the organization announced.

Scheinbaum, a physicist and former mayor of Mexico City of Jewish descent, He entered Sunday’s general election with a 17-point lead Gálvez will manage the world’s 12th largest economy by 2030, with 129 million people.

After the polls closed, Galvez, a 61-year-old engineer and senator with indigenous roots, called on his followers to track the numbers.

“We are competing against autocracies and powers that can do anything,” the protester told reporters at a hotel in Mexico City.

“I make a respectful and energetic call to President (Andrés Manuel) López Obrador to respect the vote,” he added.

It was a “historic day,” Sheinbaum said early on, capitalizing his support on the widespread popularity of his political father, López Obrador.

Leftists protect capital

After voting, Scheinbaum told reporters that he voted for the historic leader of the Mexican left “Tribute” to Ifigenia Martínez’s presidency, her fight.

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In Mexico, election cards have a blank box that allows a vote for a candidate who is not registered. Long live democracy!

Gálvez cast his vote after waiting in line for three hours, which is standard in many sections of the capital.

Polls also suggest that leftist Clara Brugada will win the mayorship of Mexico City, a leftist stronghold for nearly three decades.

Another candidate is murdered

According to Data Civica, an NGO, these elections were marked by violence, with around thirty candidates killed.

The most recent victim, a candidate for a local office in the state of Michoacán (West), was shot and killed hours before voting began, the regional prosecutor’s office said.

Two people died on Sunday during armed incidents linked to the theft of electoral materials in the state of Puebla, according to a local government source.

About 450,000 people were killed in Mexico and tens of thousands went missing.

Nearly 100 million voters were called to vote in this single-round election. There is no presidential reelection or mandatory voting in Mexico.

With around 20,000 posts contested, they are the biggest elections in the country’s history.

Different views

Followers of Sheinbaum They hope López Obrador’s plans will continueSee her as Mexico City’s mayor (2018-2023) as an “inspiration” in a country where gender-based violence, including femicides and premeditated murders, kills about 10 women daily. Women.

Reyna Balbuena, a 50-year-old tamal vendor, says she voted for Sheinbaum because his Morena party “gave a lot of support to the elderly and children.”

Balbuna brings up her granddaughter and gets her help. “A woman president will support women more,” she believes.

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During his government, López Obrador provided millions in direct aid to the elderly, youth and disabled, lifting 8.9 million people out of poverty. A third of the population still lives in that situation.


He said the expansion of organized crime was “a very threatening problem”. Michael ShifterResearcher at the Washington-based Center for Inter-American Dialogue Analysis.

It will also have the challenge of maintaining social programs when the fiscal deficit has risen to 5.9% and average growth has barely averaged 0.8% over the past six years.

Relations with the United States, the destination of 80% of Mexican exports, will be another challenge, Schifter warned, especially if Donald Trump returns to power.

Trump has threatened mass deportations of migrants crossing the nearly 3,200 km border. Also, in 2026 both countries and Canada will have to renegotiate their T-MEC trade agreement.

In these elections, the left is also trying to expand its absolute majority in Congress to approve controversial reforms, including in the judiciary.


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