‘Coggy’ Gonzalez Reveals Federation’s Unusual Revenge Against Renato Tapia: “They’re Billing Him For 2021 Bill.”

‘Coggy’ Gonzalez Reveals Federation’s Unusual Revenge Against Renato Tapia: “They’re Billing Him For 2021 Bill.”

Controversy surrounds Team Peru For the case Renato Tapia with the Peruvian Football Federation A few days before the start Copa America 2024. After learning that the midfielder did not travel to Philadelphia with the Inca delegation, Peruvian soccer’s highest body issued a statement saying the player’s absence was due to “contractual and administrative issues.”

The answer is ‘Captain of the Future’ He didn’t take long and charged FPF As he was close to completing the contract, he did not provide him with the insurance policy he had promised Vigo’s Celtic (June 30) and could not take risks that could harm his football future. This conflict opened the debate about who was telling the truth and who was lying.

In this case, sports journalist KokiGonzales Mentioned the disputed situation and disclosed the extraordinary reason FPF, Leading company Augustine LozanoI will not support Tapia. He alleged that everything starts with a political issue and not a football game ‘Pig’s Head’ He decided not to support a presidential candidate in Peru’s 2021 general election. On that occasion the footballer decided not to take part in an advertising spot in favor of one candidate, instead, other selected candidates took part.

“The player number 24 is not out, the Peruvian starter Renato Tapia is out, so I want to know Fossati’s opinion. I have no doubt that Renato Tapia is destined for 2021, not for football but for political issues. If Renato Tapia hadn’t spoken out in 2021, or if he had had the opinion of ‘Oreja’ Flores, many of his critics today would be supportive of him. How many people have not read Tapia’s news related to political issue in 2021, how many people have mixed football issue with politics. You have to know how to differentiate things. Renato Tapia has always behaved accordingly with the national team. This issue is related to 2021 invoices,” the spokesperson filmed on his YouTube program ‘Things Happening’.

All the details of the clash between Renato Tapia and the Peruvian Football Federation – Credit: Infobae Perú

KokiGonzales He explained in detail what the steering wheel was.Red and white‘, Renato Tapia, He asks FPF Can play without problems Copa America 2024. The sports journalist made it clear that his title was based on whether or not he was injured, which goes beyond the fact that his football future and the well-being of his family are at stake.

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“That’s the problem Renato Tapia going to go America’s Cup Without a club, he is afraid of getting injured, because if he is injured training or playing with the national team, they will have to completely bear the full cost and rehabilitation process. It’s not up for debate, you don’t need a health policy, let’s understand. What are you worried about? Renato Tapia In this period he has yet to close any club, if injured in the process. If he gets injured, no club is going to hire him or if he gets injured and a club hires him, his price will drop. Renato Tapia gets injured and then fears being out of a job”, he noted.

Considering his imminent departure from Celta de Vigo, the Peruvian midfielder is receiving offers from the world’s biggest teams. (Video: Movistar Deportes).

Of course, he highlighted it Federation It is not mandatory to provide the insurance policy to the player, but there is already a precedent and it was asked why the same facilities are not provided to ‘Future captain‘ On this occasion.

“Though the Sports Act is long due for review, the federation is not obliged to accept this demand. Renato Tapia He asks what has already been done in the Federation. Yoshimar Yotún In 2022, he had serious problems with Cruz Azul and did not renew, he went to the call and asked the same thing he was asking. Renato Tapia. “Yotún doesn’t play the game with Panama, then comes the game with Jamaica and Yotún is a figure, meanwhile an agreement was reached with the federation,” he concluded.

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