Colombia 2023 Calendar: Next Holidays and Bridges in the Year | Answers

In Colombia, the holidays are highly anticipated by the entire population, not only because of the commemorations that take place on these dates, but also because of the bridges that give them a holiday during the year. Likewise, people usually go for a walk or outing with their family during holidays and vacations on these days.

How many bridges will there be in Colombia in 2023?

As is known, there are no official holidays in February and September, so many holidays are in April, during the Easter celebration, which is one of the most important long weekends in 2023. No. However, since April and July are holidays for Colombians, this will be the only month with a holiday.

Why are there so many bridges in Colombia?

Act 51 of 1983 is responsible for the spread of many holiday bridges over the years, as this provision stipulates that if a holiday falls on a weekend, it falls on a Monday, meaning three consecutive days of rest.

The law was introduced by former senator Raimundo Emiliani Roman, with the aim of not harming the national economy or the efficiency of companies by implementing the system. This was done with the intention of giving the worker more days off, which he could use to spend time with his family, travel or resolve pending issues.

What holidays and vacations in Colombia in 2023?

  • Sunday, January 1: New year
  • Monday January 9: Three Kings Day
  • Monday March 20: St. Joseph’s Day
  • Sunday, April 2: Palm Sunday
  • Thursday, April 6: Holy Thursday
  • Friday 7th April: Holy Friday
  • Sunday, April 9: Easter Sunday
  • Monday 1st May: working day
  • Monday, May 22: Ascension day
  • Monday, June 12: Body of Christ
  • Monday, June 19: Sacred heart
  • Monday 3rd July: St. Peter and St. Paul
  • Thursday 20th July: Independence Day
  • Monday, August 7: Battle of Boyaka
  • Monday, August 21: Assumption of the Virgin
  • Monday, October 16: Race day
  • Monday, November 6: All saints
  • Monday, November 13: Independence of Cartagena
  • Friday December 8: Immaculate Conception Day
  • Monday, December 25: Christmas day
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What to do if you work on holidays in Colombia?

Act 51 of 1983 stipulates that employees of the public and private sectors are entitled to “paid rest” on official holidays. As established by the Substantive Labor Code, mainly in its Article 179, workers are obliged to receive a 75% surcharge on working holidays and Sundays.

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