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Mexico City, October 26, 2023

Also, with a draft decree amending the Stock Exchange and Investment Funds Acts, to Min

The Commission on Economy, Trade and Competitiveness, chaired by Congressman Jorge Ernesto Insunza Armas (PAN), issued a positive opinion on the plans of the 10th section of the Economy in the Draft Expenditure Budget of the Federation (PEF) for Fiscal Year 2024.

The document received 20 votes in favor, 15 votes against and zero abstentions.

Deputy Jose Guadalupe Flets Arriza (PRI) said that a healthy economy is the basis for the well-being of the people, but it is unfortunate that before the discussion and approval of the PEF 2024, the people realized that they were not met, the resources for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) are stagnant and to sustain the economy of millions of productive families. Schemes and support have never mattered to the government.

From Morena, Representative Brianda Aurora Vázquez Alvarez, the Ministry of Economy ensures its work to strengthen economic activity with productive projects, with the participation of public and private, national and international sectors in priority projects, identifying and detonating economic drivers in those regions industrial, commercial and tourism development, job opportunities for people and Creating economic benefits

When proposing the reserve, Huerta Valdovinos considered a positive progress in resources in the budget of the 10th branch of the economy, to which three thousand 960 million 433 thousand 717 pesos are allocated, 182 million 320 thousand 10 pesos more than what was allocated in 2023. and equals a .04 percent increase.

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Representative Maribel Martínez Ruiz (PT) said the economy is stable and the government’s effort is to have good numbers and take care of those who are less. There is support for MSMEs, “perhaps not as much as before, because the patterns of neoliberal governments cannot be repeated, but there is support for artisans, craftsmen and small producers, and this maintains the economic stability of the country.”

In turn, Deputy Oscar Gustavo Cárdenas Monroy (PRI) pointed out that resources are needed to strengthen support programs for MSMEs and implement the operation of the Federal Entrepreneurship Act and that it is not an idle letter.

Juanita Guerra Mena, Morena Deputy, expressed her confidence in the Ministry of Economy and the government, as well as voted in favor of its strategic plan and presence, because the budget increases resources for production projects for entrepreneurs, as well as operational projects, credit and non-credit support, which promotes competition and better for MSMEs. provides the conditions.

From the PT, deputy José Alejandro Aguilar Lopez, the budget will promote and strengthen the internal market and improve the functioning of these economic units, especially in high and very high marginalized areas; Foreign investment is attracted and foreign trade is promoted through trade agreements with 50 countries and investment protection and reciprocal promotion agreements that Mexico has with 31 countries.

After approval, the comment was forwarded to the Budget and Public Accounts Commission.

In the same meeting, the opinion issued in a positive sense to the minutes was mentioned along with the draft order reforming, repealing and adding various provisions of Securities Market Act and Investment Fund Act.

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The document approved with 29 votes in favor, one against and two votes, was sent to the Finance and Public Credit Commission for the purposes that may arise and communicated to the board of directors of this committee by official letter. House of Representatives for your information.

Text and photo: Chamber of Deputies

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