Congolese footballer brutally punches rival after being sent off [VIDEO]

Congolese footballer brutally punches rival after being sent off [VIDEO]

Ruth Croyof Republic of the CongoHe received red for a strong kick Moroccan footballer. After being reprimanded for the transgression, she lost her temper and punched another contestant in the face.

An unusual incident occurred during a friendly meeting between Women’s teams of Morocco Y Republic of the Congo, dispute at Bergen. Congolese footballer Ruth Kiroi Throws a precise punch at a Moroccan player after being sent off for a strong foul against an opponent.

14th minute of the second half, the match between the two sides took place ExaminationsResult 2-0 in favor’Leon del Atlas‘. football player Najad Badri While driving the ball from midfield, he was stopped by a violent kick Kiroi. The referee did not hesitate to show her a red card despite the Congolese player’s obvious disapproval and surprise.

After deciding, Zineb Redouani She goes to bite Kiroi for her gruesome entrance, but is interrupted by a colleague. It was at that time that another footballer from the local team, Yasmin MrabedGoes towards Kiroi and pushes her a bit, causing Kongo’s ’17’ to lose her temper and punch her hard, sending her to the ground.

The reaction caused another Football players Moroccans approach Giroui and scold him for his unusual reaction MrabetAble to rejoin, he was held back by his colleagues to prevent the situation from worsening.

Finally, the referee took control of the situation and the match continued, ending 3-2 in favor of the Spaniard-led Morocco. George Wilda.

Yasmin Mrabed will take legal action

After the incident, the stricken Moroccan footballer released a statement in which he announced that he would take “relevant measures”. Kiroi. He also asked that the incident should not overshadow the development of women’s football Africa In recent years.

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This violent attitude should not be accepted. There may be differences of opinion and tension during competition, but there are lines that should not be crossed. To move forward, footballers, officials and everyone involved in women’s football must take responsibility. The game and the players’ well-being,” he said.


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