Congress Alejandro Soto | Travel to Russia | Hugo Palma: “The President of Congress is the most important person” | principle

Congress  Alejandro Soto |  Travel to Russia |  Hugo Palma: “The President of Congress is the most important person” |  principle

New corruption CongressCreated by Travel Russia 11 Congressmen unleashed a rebuttal of prominent Peruvian ambassadors. Hugo Palma.

Does the trip to Russia by 11 members of Congress contradict Peru’s position on the war between Russia and Ukraine?

It’s a shame! From the beginning of hostilities, it is obvious that Russia committed one of the worst crimes imaginable under international law, and this is expressly prescribed in all existing instruments, including the Charter of the United Nations. Peru joined its rejectionist vote with the majority of members represented at the United Nations. The bottom line is that what happened to the traveling congressmen is painful for democracy, as it represents Peru’s international image and our permanent policy of maintaining peace and resolving disputes peacefully.

Ambassador Hugo Palma on congressional Russian mission

Is it correct to answer that Congressmen have gone to Russia because they are going on their own?

It simply cannot be, a state official cannot act personally, nothing like that. A Member of Parliament is a Member of Parliament 24 hours a day and cannot take a break. You cannot do these things if you are a representative of Congress. It is pathetic that almost 10% of national delegations travel to a country where an autocracy against democratic regimes and human rights is perpetrating the worst attack and aggression in the world. Who are they going to talk to? With representatives from Cuba, Nicaragua or Venezuela? What a democracy!

Would it help if the Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement?

The main responsibility rests with Congress and its president, Alejandro Soto. Why did they not make a motion that the voyage did not represent the Congress of the Republic of Peru, and that the voyagers had nothing to say on behalf of our country, much less Parliament. This is an all-expenses-paid guest meeting of Russia’s lower house to talk about Russia’s relations with Latin America, but please! It was an innocence unbecoming of a state official.

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