Conmebol surprised fans and confirmed the number of places in South America for the 2026 World Cup | Team Peru

Find out what the new format of the 2026 South American qualifiers will look like after Conmebol’s latest report.

Through social networks, the Connecting Officially announced how the 2026 South American qualifiers will be played. The 10 teams that make up this sporting entity are aiming to make it to the maximum World Cup tournament, but now 4.5 seats available To go to that match.

Now, for the 2026 World Cup, CONMEBOL will have a total of 6 teams Who will go to the best football tournament in USA, Canada and Mexico? Similarly, the seventh ticket is for ripage, so 7 South American countries can participate in the sporting event.

With a graphic didactic on social networks, Conmebol teases what will be the start of the 2026 qualifiers. 6.5 places for the next World CupEighth, ninth and tenth place teams will be empty-handed.

“Qualification system for the best qualifiers in the world! Road to the 2026 FIFA World Cup!”Conmebol revealed on social networks.

New classification system for 2026 South American qualifiers.

In this way, by supporting the last two campaigns of the Peruvian team, there is a high possibility that Baikal will return to the World Cup competition by 2026. Now, DD is Juan Reynoso and he will have the great responsibility of bringing our country together. Everyone’s attention.

How many countries will play the 2026 World Cup?

According to the new FIFA regulations, they will now be 48 selections Participants in the 2026 World Cup.

When do the 2026 South American qualifiers start?

The 2026 qualifiers will begin next Thursday, September 7, 2026 with a match between Paraguay and Peru.

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