Cristian Benavente is the newest member of the historic Ligue 1 club for the 2024 Clausura tournament

Cristian Benavente is the newest member of the historic Ligue 1 club for the 2024 Clausura tournament

Former Alianza Lima Christian Benavente is close to becoming the reinforcement of the season after the start of the 2024 Clausura tournament.

Christian Benavent caught the attention of his followers after learning the surprising news. | Instagram: Cristian Benavente

Clausura 2024 tournament is about to start and various teams Liga 1 They are finalizing the details to get off on the right foot. Some have taken advantage of the Copa America break through friendlies, while others have focused on the issue of reinforcements, with Cristian Benavente’s name recently in the spotlight.

Cristian Benavente is one step away from becoming the driving force of the Clausura tournament

It is worth noting that the popular ‘Chaval’ does not have the required minutes Cesar Vallejo, not counting Alianza Lima’s season, which started a debate among blue and white fans, with many questioning its continuation after months of not playing. He came to Trujillo’s team and regained the spotlight.

Now, shortly after the start of the Clausura where many teams will fight to win this competition in the second half of the year, it is known that the talented footballer is in talks with another Ligue 1 team. Try to qualify for an international competition like South American Cup.

LÍBERO has learned that the famous ‘Chaval’, on loan until the end of 2024, is one step away from being made official as a new Sport Boys del Gallo player. In this way, Pink will have created one of the team. The most important milestones of the season.

“Sport Boys are close to closing the deal for Christian Benavente. César Vallejo has given the OK for a loan until the end of the year, the midfielder has also accepted, the only thing missing is that the pink club reach the financial conditions. This will happen in the next few hours,” said journalist Gustavo Peralta on his X account (formerly Twitter).

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After the announcement of negotiations with Cristian Benavente, it was finally revealed that the 30-year-old footballer will wear the pink shirt, adding a new team to his football career.

“And Sport Boys’ final yes is quick. Fig Callo He accepted economic conditions and Benavente wore pink. He will undergo his medical tomorrow and then the signing process will continue. Vallejo debt until the end of the year,” he pointed out.

Which teams did Christian Benavente play for?

Peruvian midfielder Christian Benavente has been part of teams like Real Madrid Castilla, Milton Keynes Dons, Royal Charleroi, Pyramids, Nantes FC, Royal Antwerp, Alianza Lima and Cesar Vallejo de Trujillo Club.


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