Cuban biotechnology caught on

SOCHI, Russian Federation.- Cuba, Russia and Belarus on Thursday expanded the level of cooperation in the field of biotechnology by signing three major agreements. The signing took place at the “Sirius” Science and Arts Park in the presence of Prime Minister and Member of the Politburo Manuel Marrero Cruz, who is on an official visit to this Eurasian country.

The first of the instruments is the Memorandum of Understanding, which will enable scientific-technical cooperation, exchange and integration of technology, as well as the commercialization of active principles for the production of medicines and the development of their reference standards.

As explained by Eduardo Martínez Díaz, president of the Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries Business Group (Biocubafarma), this memorandum was signed between the specific company and the Russian company JSC Active Components, a leader in the production of active ingredients. Biocubapharma plays a key role in the Latin American market and research and development of chemical origin products, he said.

A contract for the supply of second pharmaceutical products, ie, the acquisition of various active ingredients of generic drugs; For example, the antibiotic azithromycin.

The third document is the Eurasian Economic Union’s letter of intent to create a multinational alliance that would allow it to achieve sovereignty in the short term in pursuit of the development and production of vaccines and medicines.

In this case, said Martínez Díaz, we propose a portfolio of products in the treatment programs for infectious and chronic diseases such as oncology, neurology and diabetes, which can be marketed in this Eurasian region, but also in the Latin American region.

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In addition, technology exchanges between our countries may be included so that they contribute to sovereignty in the production of medicines, vaccines, medical devices and equipment. He pointed out that promoting scientific, educational and business exchanges for the development of new products is another important aspect.

“We want FarmaCuba to represent us in Latin America. We are very happy to sign these documents in collaboration with our partners and we are sure that the results will be effective,” said the representative of JSC Componentes Activos. Basically “especially in faith.

The president of BioCubaFarma also expressed satisfaction with this “alliance we established today, which will provide very positive results for both the Russian Federation and Cuba, as well as for other countries in the Eurasian region and Latin America.” and the Caribbean.

During the signing of the documents, it was discussed to join efforts to achieve a better impact on the medical services received by the people of each of our countries. For this reason, Martínez Díaz proposed that “our friends from JSC Active Compounds should work hard to implement what we agreed to today.”

Before signing the agreements, Marrero Cruz, together with other representatives attending the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council, visited the Eurasia-Our Home exhibition in the “Sirius” Science and Art Park, which is dedicated to achievements. Cooperation and development of economic relations in the Eurasian space with many Cuban stands.

Photo: Revolution Studios

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