Dance for the Devil: 7M Segment on TikTok: What happened to Miranda Wilking and where is she now | Netflix Documentaries | Dance For The Devil: 7M TikTok Cult nnda nnlt | fame

Dance for the Devil: 7M Segment on TikTok: What happened to Miranda Wilking and where is she now |  Netflix Documentaries |  Dance For The Devil: 7M TikTok Cult nnda nnlt |  fame

Speechless! After the premiere of “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M Sect TikTok” by Netflix, many questions arise for the audience; For example: How is it possible that dozens of young dancers fell into the network of Robert Shinn, who argued that it was God’s plan and encouraged them to cut off all contact with their families? To this we must add the harsh accusations of former members of the talent management company, which at the same time was a church, accused its leader of having control over their every movement, their social networks, their money and so on. Further. Taking into account that the case came to light on Miranda’s birthday in February 2022, after Melanie Wilkings and her parents reported not knowing anything about their loved one for more than a year, alarms were ringing. Wonder what happened to her. If you want to know, we will tell you where it currently stands in the following paragraphs.

Notably, the three-episode documentary hit the streaming platform on May 29, 2024. According to its synopsis, it will focus on a group of Tik Tok dancers who join a representation agency and their church with dreams of becoming big stars. ; While things seem to be going well, gruesome details about the founder and his shadowy activities begin to come to light.

Miranda Wilking’s relatives hinted that her sister belonged to a sect in “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M Sect on TikTok” (Photo: @itsmirandaderrick / Instagram)

Miranda Wilking’s radical transformation

Sisters Melanie and Miranda Wilking were inseparable from a young ageBecause artistic blood runs through his veins, especially Bond. Eager to continue growing in the world of entertainment They moved to Los Angeles where they showcased their best talent; Also, his videos became very popular on TikTok. Apparently, all was well until one day, In late 2019, Miranda decided to join 7M Films Inc.A talent management company that used to be a church. From that moment, he started distancing himself from his family little by little, but on January 18, 2021, he chose to separate himself from them.. She didn’t even attend her grandfather’s funeral, so she got a visit from her parents to question her attitude, which angered her and she cut off all contact with her loved ones and former friends.

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He started controlling his content on social networks She appeared in her choreography with James Derrick, also known as BDash, also a dancer in the company, whom she married in August 2021, which is why she now calls herself Melanie Derrick.. “She’s married, we don’t even know when she got engaged. She hasn’t told us where she’s gone. She just stopped blocking us and changed her phone number. Whatever she’s into, it has some kind of control over her, something that scares her.” His mother Kelly posted .

After marrying her husband Bidash who is part of 7M, she calls herself Miranda Derrick. He is divorced and has a son (Photo: @itsmirandaderrick / Instagram)

Miranda Derrick, a young woman who dances “for God.”

The young woman admits that she has indeed changed, but for the better., not as his sister and parents point out. Everything happened during the epidemic, in which he was able to reflect At the end of 2020 he began to “seriously walk with God”.. “I felt a spiritual change taking place within me. “I started going to Bible studies and learning about God,” he said.

About the fact that she belonged to a sect that controlled her at every step, she was blunt: I was never held against my will and I was never held hostage. I go to church and believe in God. If I ever wanted to follow my faith somewhere else, I would absolutely hesitate to do so. In terms of my career, my time at 7M Films was one of the most exciting years of my life If I ever wanted to partner with another management company or start my own company, I would. No one forces me to do anything. I am excited to move forward in this incredible walk with God, wonderful marriage, and exciting life.. I hope to overcome all this and personally improve my relationship with my family.He said The Cut.

For this reason, he was disappointed in the Instagram live done by his loved ones: “When they [mis padres y mi hermana] They didn’t respect my wishes and only did it on their own terms, I saw a different side of them that I had never seen before and it worried me. It hurt me so much not to hear my voice. The more obsessed they were with my choices, the more I felt that all I could do was distance myself from them in the hope that they would see my heart in time (…). When I was already an adult, I could not continue to talk to them through thrice a day and monthly visitsSo a change was needed.”He pointed to the same medium.

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Miranda is very active on her social networks, where she has one and a half million followers (Photo: @itsmirandaderrick / Instagram)

What happened to Miranda?

After her family’s interest in knowing how Miranda Wilking is doing, she doesn’t want to know her whereabouts. No need to look too hard to find out If we check her social networks, we will find news about her because she posts many videos with her husband dancing, as well as other members of 7M.. In addition to his walks.

That is the most remarkable thing of all There are some photos and clips of him appearing with his family. For example, On May 26, 2024, he uploaded a picture She wears a gala dress with caption: “I was very happy at my sister’s wedding.”. Remember Melanie got married on the last weekend of May. However… Shouldn’t they have seen each other in a while? According to her loved ones, Miranda uploads content that indicates that she has not lost her freedom in “The Division”, however, everything she publishes -According to them- Approved by Robert Shinn.

The dress Miranda Wilking wore to her sister Melanie’s wedding (Photo: @itsmirandaderrick / Instagram)

In other releases, she appears next to her mother for Mother’s Day, in another the three of them dance, and in one for her father’s birthday with her husband, parents, grandmother and pet, the latter from September 2023.

Miranda, her husband, her parents, her grandmother and her pet on her father’s birthday (Photo: @itsmirandaderrick / Instagram)

Although the relationship in the family seems to have recovered, she has less access to her loved ones. What we do know is that he is very active in his networks and seems to still live in California.

Miranda dances with her mother and sister. Release from April 2024 (Photo: @itsmirandaderrick / Instagram)

More information about “Dance for the Devil: Section 7M on TikTok”.

“Dance for the Devil: Segment 7M on TikTok” Technical Paper

  • Original title: “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult”.
  • Year: 2024.
  • Gender: Document image.
  • Country: America.
  • Address: Derek Donean.
  • Interventions from: Miranda Wilking, Melanie Wilking.
  • Distributor: Netflix.
  • Number of Seasons: 1.
  • Number of Episodes: 3.
  • Duration per Chapter: About 55 minutes
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Poster for the documentary “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M Sect on TikTok” (Photo: Netflix)

List of episodes of “Dance for the Devil: The 7M Division” on TikTok

  • Part 1: Negate. A famous influencer cuts ties with his family after joining a church-affiliated representational agency. Meanwhile, its leader became the target of abuse allegations.
  • Part 2: Escape. Former members recall their harrowing experiences as part of Robert Shinn’s cult and how the abuse they endured led to their escape.
  • Part 3: You will reap what you sow. Former followers and family join forces to press charges against Robert and his accomplices as they try to move on with their lives and leave it all behind.
“Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult” is a documentary with a total of 3 episodes (Photo: Netflix)

Watch the trailer for “Dance for the Devil: The 7M Division on TikTok” here

Review of “Dance for the Devil: Section 7M on TikTok”.

  • “This may be the most exciting true crime series of the year. Your jaw will drop. It will seem unbelievable to you, and rightly so, and you will be surprised how far sectarian practices can go. (…) If talented TikTok dancers can be forced into a cult community , no livelihood is safe, and I think that’s the parting message of the Netflix series.
  • : “This fascinating and unusually sensitive Netflix documentary analyzes a dark and tragic story (…). Distinguishing between spectacle and reality is more difficult than ever. But it takes a human angle and shows the church’s effects on those who left the church and the families of those who didn’t. Strong..
“Dancing for the Devil: 7M TikTok Cult” features live witness participation in the case (Photo: Netflix)
  • “It’s not necessarily one-sided, but it’s definitely unbalanced, meaning we hear more about what 7M told his victims to do, but less about what drew them to Shinn and kept them under his control.”
  • : “While the series paints a harrowing portrait of the pain and suffering of indoctrinating a friend or family member into a cult (…), it seems incomplete to ignore important details like Shinnappier’s appearance. However, that doesn’t diminish the power of outrage.
An image from the documentary series “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult” (Photo: Netflix)


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