Dance for the Devil: 7M Segment on TikTok: What happened to Robert Shinn and where is he now | Netflix Documentaries | Dance For The Devil: 7M TikTok Cult nnda nnlt | fame

Dance for the Devil: 7M Segment on TikTok: What happened to Robert Shinn and where is he now |  Netflix Documentaries |  Dance For The Devil: 7M TikTok Cult nnda nnlt |  fame

In February 2022, a public petition on Instagram Live froze everyone on social media, as Melanie Wilking and her parents, on the verge of tears, mentioned that the family had lost contact with their eldest daughter, Miranda, a year earlier. Shortly after joining the family, 7M Films Inc., a talent management company headed by Robert Shinn, he is also a pastor at Shekinah Church. “We can’t communicate with each other, we’re blocked everywhere. “They control the lives of all the dancers with them,” said the young woman who spent a season with them, but after noticing strange things she decided to retire, her older sister did not. “Her beliefs. ” The story of this woman who gave up everything to follow is depicted in the film “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M Check In”. TikTok”. While we will learn about the dark case of this little girl and others who have been victimized by this church, what many people want to know is what happened and where is the leader of this self-proclaimed “man of God” now. located. In the following paragraphs, what we know.

Notably, the three-episode documentary is available on Netflix from May 29, 2024. Here’s the synopsis provided by the streaming site: “As a group of Tik Tok dancers join the management company and his church, vivid details about the founder and his shadowy activities come to light”.

Robert Shinn has been accused of leading a gang of young dancers who he alienates from their families (Image: Netflix)

Who is Robert Shinn from “Dance for the Devil: The 7M Sect on TikTok”?

Robert Shinn is the owner of 7M Films Inc., a California company incorporated in 2021., which he co-founded with his son. Not only that, He is the pastor of Shekinah Church, which first appeared in Los Angeles in 1994After he moved to this town from Canada.

According to an archived version of this council’s website: “Doctor. [Robert] Israel Shin is a former doctor who practiced medicine for seven years before God told him to pursue full-time ministry.. According to court records, he legally changed his last name from Shin to Shin .

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In “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M Sect on TikTok,” Robert Shin is accused of being the leader of a group of young dancers who he takes from their families and keeps them incognito (Photo: Netflix)

Businesses of a self-proclaimed “man of God”.

The same American portal mentions for many years Shekinah receives huge sums from its parishioners. For example, the 2010 Shin Affidavit states Between 2000 and 2008, the church received an average of $4.7 million in donations. At least 70 members. If that’s not enough, He encouraged his members to give money directly because he was a “man of God”.. Boy did he pull it off well! In October 2007, he cashed almost US$300,000 in checks made out to him..

As a result of the millions of deposits he receives, he Owner of at least 12 companies Recorded in the state of California as: Glory Bag Records, IP Random Film, IHD Studio, Shinn Entertainment Corp and Studio on the Mount, Inc., also known as 7M where his son Isaiah serves as cameraman for the dance. videos. But his whole family is immersed in the business: his wife Hannah Shinn is Shekinah’s finance director, his ex-wife Shirley Kim is the lawyer responsible for registering his companies, his son-in-law Daniel Joseph is the registered secretary of the church and besides this he makes videos from 7M, and his daughter Chloe Shinn, Being a singer and songwriter, she is responsible for selecting the songs for the video clips.

Thanks to the money he earns, he owns at least a dozen businesses (Photo: Netflix)

A division that separates its members from their families

In addition to the allegations made by Wilkings in 2022, Shinn’s other former victims also accused him of separating them from their families. “It started out harmless, but little by little the control grew. They were told to work away from their families. They teach you to die for your family and save it. He was a man of God and never thought I would harm myself or others.“Dancing for the Devil: The 7M Sect on TikTok” is heard in testimony.

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Although he’s out of the public eye, everything has changed In 2023 when Three former 7M dancers, Aubrey Fisher-Green, Kevin Davies and Kylie Douglas, joined four former members in accusing him of running a cult.. According to documents received by They say: “The Shekinah is a sect operating under the guise of a religious institution (…). Robert refers to himself as a ‘man of God’ and preaches to members. [sic] Cursed is your life without submission to Him and without the Shekinah”Therefore, it exercised physical and economic control over them.

Priscilla Lee was one of the many victims of Robert Shinn (Image: Netflix)

What happened and where is Robert Shinn now?

Robert Shin lives in Los Angeles, where both his company 7M and his church run regularly.; I mean, he’s still the CEO of a talent agency and a pastor. In 2022, he was photographed in the city of California Lived in a $2.5 million house.

Although They accused him of fraud, forced labor, human trafficking and sexual assault, but he was not charged with any crime.You can walk freely. The case is scheduled to go to civil trial in 2025..

Notably, the sexual assault allegations were made by former church member Priscilla Lee Elisha and former 7M dancer Kylie Douglas. For his part, Shin filed a civil suit against his ex and four former members of his agency for extortion and defamation.

Robert Sheen leads a normal life as if there are no complaints against him (Image: Netflix)

More information about “Dance for the Devil: Section 7M on TikTok”.

Synopsis for “Dance for the Devil: Section 7M on TikTok”.

A group of well-known TikTok dancers get caught up in a cult masquerading as a management company called 7M. Among them is Miranda Wilking, whose family is desperately trying to get her out. The other dancers and former members escape and struggle to rebuild their lives, but the real healing begins when everyone comes together to try to stop the abuser’s cycle.

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This three-part documentary series from director Derek Doneen, Dirty Robber and WV Alternative shows the brutal tactics used by sectarian organizations to exert control over people.

“Dance for the Devil: Segment 7M on TikTok” Technical Paper

  • Original title: “Dance for the Devil: 7M Tiktok Cult”
  • Year: 2024
  • Country: America
  • Address: Derek Donean
  • Interventions from: Miranda Wilking, Melanie Wilking
  • Distributor: Netflix

Reviews of “Dance for the Devil: Section 7M on TikTok”.

  • “This may be the most exciting true crime series of the year. Your jaw will drop. It will seem unbelievable to you, and rightly so, and you will be surprised how far sectarian practices can go. (…) If talented TikTok dancers can be forced into a cult community , no livelihood is safe, and I think that’s the parting message of the Netflix series.
  • : “This fascinating and unusually sensitive Netflix documentary analyzes a dark and tragic story (…). Distinguishing between spectacle and reality is more difficult than ever. But it takes a human angle and shows the church’s effects on those who left the church and the families of those who didn’t. Strong..
  • “It’s not necessarily one-sided, but it’s definitely unbalanced, meaning we hear more about what 7M told his victims to do, but less about what drew them to Shinn and kept them under his control.”
  • : “While the series paints a harrowing portrait of the pain and suffering of indoctrinating a friend or family member into a cult (…), it seems incomplete to ignore important details like Shinnappier’s appearance. However, that doesn’t diminish the power of outrage.


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