Dangers of traveling to Mars: Adventure could destroy astronauts’ organs, study warns

Dangers of traveling to Mars: Adventure could destroy astronauts’ organs, study warns

Surprising research has also warned that this red planet event could happen on the Moon, for a longer period of time.

Space. photography; Unsplash

A group of scientists from University College London (UCL) revealed Serious health effects that astronauts can suffer Let them travel to Mars. A recent investigation has warned that Traveling can affect your kidneys.

Experts assure that these bodies, Essential for blood purificationsecretes hormones and regulates blood pressure, will not survive a tour to the red planet and in the long run, This phenomenon also occurs on the moon.

Article published in the magazine Natural communicationDetermined after conducting flight simulations with rats Exposure to levels of cosmic radiationSimilar to what humans would face during a 2-year journey to Mars, Astronauts’ kidney health can deteriorate during space travel.

Kidneys.  Photo: Unsplash Kidneys. Photo: Unsplash

Scientists have explained that Kidneys can disintegrate in space The ducts that regulate the balance of lime and calcium shrink within a month of exposure, affecting organ function. And they also pointed out that this is not only proven in laboratory experiments Proven in humans.

“You may need dialysis on the way back.”Keith Siu, lead author of the study, warned that new ways to protect these organs are needed, or treatment would be necessary.

Space.  Photo: Unsplash. Space. Photo: Unsplash.

Astronomy.  Photo: Unsplash.

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Other Diseases for Traveling to Mars

Previous studies have suggested that space travel is possible Kidney stones form And in microgravity conditions, calcium can be released into the urine and cause Metabolic disorder. In addition to bone diseases, etc Osteoporosis

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nothing These conditions are harmful to people on EarthThey are protected from space radiation due to the magnetic field that protects organisms from space particles.

tuesday  Photo: Unsplash tuesday Photo: Unsplash

After several missions by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) robots, it gave hope that humanity could reach Earth’s satellite and there was speculation about life forms on the red planet. It seems that the human body is not ready for adventure.


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