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Agatha Lies and her prediction of Maju Mandila and Gustavo Salcedo.

Agatha Lies spoke exclusively popular She shared her prediction about Maju Mandila and Gustavo Salcedo who are still married. As you remember, the couple got into a lot of media trouble because of the photos of the athlete with his friend. Mariana Vega. What did the tarot reader reveal about them?

In the middle of an interview with this medium, the famous psychic now does not hesitate to reveal what the letters say. distance Husbands. He assumed that there was a coldness within the marriage and a sense of guilt towards the former beauty queen. Find out what else the teller commented on this note.

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Is there no love between Maju Mantilla and Gustavo Salcido?

On this occasion, Agatha Lies shared her prediction about the couple Solywood. “There was a coldness between them, he was already looking for affection in another person, and he was very attracted to this woman who had known her for a long time,” he began.

Later, he mentioned the support he has received Gustavo Salcedo In Mariana de la Vega. “He was looking for company, someone to listen to him, to be with him, especially a kind of tearjerker, so he was very attracted,” she noted.

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Why doesn’t Maju respond badly to her husband’s pictures?

According to the viewer, the former Miss Peru did not get angry in front of the cameras due to guilt over her partner’s pictures with another woman.

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“All this did not cause an angry reaction for Maju because I feel she blames herself for this separation and suddenly she starts feeling that she is not giving her husband all the time he needs. Being busy, she feels guilty,” he said.

“However, for the sake of some dignity, she put a break there. What we’re going to see in the future is that they’re going to pursue some kind of therapy and resume their relationship. It doesn’t look like it, she’s more interested in being able to do things than he is,” he added.

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Will Maju and Gustavo reconcile?

At another time, Agatha Lies He revealed the relationship of a still married man. “They need to rekindle that flame that seems extinguished. I think they’re going to compromise, they’re going to continue to fight to stay together, we’ll see how that goes, but at least a compromise will be noticed,” he said. was added.

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Gustavo Salcedo “likes” Maju Mandila’s photo.

This Saturday, the host of ‘Arriba mi gente’, Maju Mandila, She shared a photo of herself dressed entirely in jeans. She wrote: “My Saturday look. Casual. Jean. Have a good day everyone”, garnering many reactions and comments. One of them is from her husband, Gustavo Salcedo.

Sportsman Gustavo Salcedo Maju decided to “like” Mandila’s latest photo in which users highlighted her beauty. Some of the comments were, “Every day is so beautiful!”, “Maju, your dress is so beautiful on you”, “Ms. Miss World is always charming” and “Pure beauty Majido”.

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The time Maju Mantila supported Gustavo Salcedo after Amboy with Mariana de la Vega

After Magali Medina took out the arrow Gustavo Salcedo With another woman, his wife Maria Julia Mandela He remained silent for a few days and then made his position on the situation public through social networks.

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It happened through your account Instagram That Television anchor Expressing his gratitude to the people who showed their solidarity in this difficult moment, he insisted that he would only talk about Gustavo’s pictures once. Mariana Vega.

“I appreciate with all my heart the expressions of love of all people. I will mention this matter only once. I would like to point out that what has been reported in various media about my husband Gustavo, he has already made his public release. This is enough for us,” the former beauty queen noted at the beginning.

“In this situation, I would like to express that you have my full support. Finally, any future situation and whatever happens in our relationship, we will resolve it in a private sphere. Thank you very much.”

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“God loves you,” marvels Maju Mandila with a woman’s emotional letter.

This August 25, Maju Mandila shared a letter given to her by a woman who admires her and watches her show. Latin. The TV anchor boasted of the detail and shared a handwritten message from the minor.

“Hi Maju, I am writing to tell you that God loves you and you are very important to Him, I will tell you some verses that God tells you. . Psalms 4:7“, read the sentimental paper decorated by the little girl.

“I met a lovely lady today. She made me this lovely little letter. Thank you so much, “Brianna”Mandila replied.

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