‘Despicable Me’: Easter egg only sci-fi and space fans will notice – Movie News

‘Despicable Me’: Easter egg only sci-fi and space fans will notice – Movie News

Gru is one of many science-obsessed villains, so a fun nod to one of the most important historical events for humanity in real life, Despicable Me, can’t be missed.

The premiere of Despicable Me 4 And thousands of kids and fellow fans are excited to see Gru in a new role as a father now that Gru has a new baby with Lucy. Bringing back Andres Bustamante and Andrea Legaretta as the voices of the gentle villains, The fourth installment of this universe is practically around the corner.

Success in products like Allies: A Villain is Born It is not possible without it My favorite villainThe film launched in 2010. Shows a character who is not pleasant to look at and has a very different voice, Gru made millions of viewers laugh with his antics as he became the adoptive father of Margot, Edith and Agnes.

Gru’s home and laboratory were filled with hundreds of servants, but also filled with various items he had stolen during his time as a villain; however, His most ambitious plan was very clear: stealing the moon would make him the biggest baddie in history. Dressed in a pink suit and aided by two allies, Gru sets out for the moon, and during his journey marks an important scientific event in human history.

As Kru reaches for the moon and crumples it up to put it in his pocket, a ticket to his daughters’ recital floats out of his suit. A very clever easter egg is included in the movie. The moon landing has made it to film and television on several occasions, so you may already be familiar with the date Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969.

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How is this date related? My favorite villain? ok The serial number of the ticket held by Gru is 072069, the historical event of which is very important to him. If you remember a flashback from the first film, you’ll notice that Gru witnessed his first trip to the moon at the age of 8, a life-changing event for him. Have you noticed this scientific recognition of animation production?


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