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1. Yes she is leaving, yes she is leaving, Dinah is leaving

On Monday, Boluarte received his fourth travel permit. He has to thank Joe Biden, who invited a dozen Latin American presidents to participate in the first summit of the Alliance for the Americas, which gave him a larger majority than Congress (65 to 42). Economic Prosperity (APEP). Biden may have rushed the meeting to gain support for his pro-Israel position (at the UN General Assembly, Peru was among 120 countries that voted for an immediate ceasefire, while Israel and the United States voted against) or to respond to growing Chinese influence. in the region or for several reasons simultaneously. It doesn’t matter, even the right and the left agree that Washington has not been told no, even if a bilateral meeting has not been confirmed.

If they had known that there would not be a bilateral meeting promised in the permit application, they probably would not have given it!

Tina’s trip to Germany and Italy was an image disaster. A 19th-century photograph of her with a widow’s mantilla was revived on Halloween. Former Foreign Minister Manuel Rodríguez Cuadros, in the RPP, told me we were in a ‘diplomatic crisis’, and he didn’t just refer to the trip with an ugly graphic finish.; But since December 2022 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has allowed itself to become embroiled in public conflicts with Mexico and Colombia, able to reflect the insolence of Presidents López Obrador and Pedro as less of a burden to our reputation. The backdrop of these messes and the indifference of other states is the instability we have been dragging on since 2017 and the biggest casualty of the protests in December and January. This has affected Peru’s image, without us seeing any good work done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the visiting president to replace what was lost.

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2. Insecure and violent

On Tuesday the 31st, Halloween clearly triumphed over creolism. Many, especially the youth, combed the night dressed as famous heroes or villains. There is no confusion between wizards and bards; In the best cases, there is a coexistence of traditions, one older than the other, the other more popular than the first. Escape from civic and national identity, fantastic and pansexual transvestism, escape from dilemmas and problems, open carnival; Consider it what you will. Worse, along with festivals, we are constantly moving towards violence.

The insecurity crisis presented us with a new danger: the call of citizen groups, often anonymously, especially in La Victoria, with Venezuelan mafias threatening to destroy their neighborhoods. A response to the thuggish and nationalist political posturing of Venezuelan criminals, made known on Thursday in a video of masked mobsters with guns, we believe the cover of Wednesday’s Drome edition. They threatened to kill random Peruvian workers.

A concentrated state of emergency has no immediate response to the ‘people’s justice’ mixed with racism and the unclassifiable reaction of those mentioned. Daily reports of violence are varied and intense, and on Tuesday, a murder at a Panjita restaurant in Miraflores was received with covert relief that it was not a manifestation of a mafia’s territorial control, but a femicide. hypothesis of an accident). The PNP and the Mininter are apparently overflowing with no idea that the executive is carrying a multifaceted response according to the dimension of evil. Minister Vicente Romero, when I asked him, promises quick results that one awaits with interest and doubt..

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The geographic intersection of violence, with increasingly widespread weapons and migrant elements, requires cross-cutting and multidisciplinary responses. A remote executive, we don’t see leadership coordinating and motivating that response.

3. Peace before military rule

César Acuña broke the consensus of the so-called ‘country black’ in killing Junta. From the APP party, the regional government of La Libertad and the business world of education, these are the 3 thrones from which Aguna sees things; There is no basis for creating so much trouble and instability because of ideological vendettas. But those independents organized into groups see things differently, they become undisciplined and emotional, and they may catch the ‘anti-caviar’ fever of their Fujimori neighbors. The vote to remove the board was suspended until further notice. In Fuerza Popular, Renovación Popular and Avanza País, JNJ is the daughter of Martín Vizcarra and a bastion of progressivism of self-proclaimed moral superiority. They see it that way, they feel that way, and they want to get rid of it that way. But Fuerza Popular leaders do not count defeat or high political costs if they get 87 votes.

Even as these battles between destabilization and political vendetta consume Congress, the crisis of insecurity is intensifying; The distant president, in his first meeting with his Latin counterparts in Washington, said: “Peru, now a peaceful country.” That sentence makes us even more restless and confused.

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