Discover the mysterious undersea city built 700 years ago that has stood the test of time: it’s not Atlantis | Chinese city under the sea | City of Lyon | Shi Cheng | China’s underwater city | Asia

Discover the mysterious undersea city built 700 years ago that has stood the test of time: it’s not Atlantis |  Chinese city under the sea |  City of Lyon |  Shi Cheng |  China’s underwater city |  Asia

This strange city had a population of 300,000 before it was flooded.| Image: AI

Stories about lost cities have attracted the attention of countless adventurers for centuries and in different parts of the world. As a result, a series of expeditions were undertaken, and to this day, attempts to locate cities like ‘El Dorado’ or ‘La Atlantida’ have been unsuccessful.

Despite the numerous legends in circulation, there is one place that is completely real and has been submerged in the aquatic depths for more than seven centuries. The site has a fascinating history where a revolutionary project was considered more important than anything else.

An underwater city that isn’t Atlantis

Next to the mysterious metropolis ‘Atlantis’whose truth is still debated, Shi Cheng is a real city. Located in East China’s Zhejiang Province, with a foundation of over 700 years.

What is remarkable about this place is that over time, its temples, arches and structures are in extraordinary condition. Qiandao Lake’s water acts as a protective shield, protecting it from wear and tear caused by wind and sunlight.

Shi ChengAlso known as Lion CityIt was a prosperous metropolis during the dynastic period Ming and Qing. In 1959, the dam was constructed JinanThe city was deliberately flooded, hidden beneath the lake.

Known as the ‘Lion City’, Shi Cheng was founded 700 years ago. Photo: Medium

How did Shi Cheng get drowned?

The flood of Shi Cheng This happened because of creation represa Xin’an In 1959. This hydroelectric project was the most ambitious of its time, aiming to generate electricity and regulate water supply in the region. However, the construction of the dam also meant the sacrifice of the city. Because of this, residents were relocated, and Shi Cheng It was submerged in water up to 40 meters.

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Although a significant loss, the Voluntary Flood created a unique phenomenon. Unlike many cities over time, Shi Cheng It is protected by water, which has preserved its structures impressively. Since its rediscovery in 2001, it has attracted divers and archaeologists from around the world, eager to explore its submerged history.

The mythical city of Atlantis

Atlantis, or Atlantis, is one of the greatest mysteries in history. First noted by the Greek philosopher Plato Among his dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias”, The Atlantis It is described as a powerful and advanced civilization that disappeared into the ocean in a day and night of misfortune. Over the centuries, the story of Atlantis has inspired countless theories, research and works of fiction.

In his manuscripts, Plato placed Atlantis beyond the “Pillars of Hercules,” as it is known today. Strait of Gibraltar. According to his story, The Atlantis It was a big island, bigger than that Libya Y Asia Minor Together, an advanced political and social system, magnificent palaces, temples and an impressive canal system.

The underwater city of ‘Atlantis’ is constantly being searched for by various researchers. Image: National Geographic

Other underwater cities of the world

Pia, submerged Pompeii

Bathroom, the ancient city of Rome, submerged in the Bay of Naples, Italy. Known as the “submerged Pompeii”, Paia was a luxurious tourist destination for the Roman elite. sea ​​water The Mediterranean Sea They include the remains of villas, temples and statues that can be explored by scuba diving or glass-bottom boat trips. Bathroom It is a testament to the prosperity and decline of antiquity RomaProtected under water.

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Pia’s remains in Rome. Photo: Antonio Pizziello

Pavlopetri, an ancient submerged city

PavlopetriLocated on the southern coast of Greece. It is one of the oldest sunken cities in the world, which is about 5,000 years old. This archaeological site offers a window into life Bronze Age, streets, buildings and tombs are perfectly outlined underwater. Likewise, it is also known Pavlopetri It was rediscovered in 1967 and has since undergone extensive archaeological research.

Pavlopetri, the oldest underwater city in the world. Photo: Pinterest

Port Royal, a pirate town

Port Royallocated JamaicaOnce known “The Richest and Sinliest City in the World”. However, in 1692, a devastating earthquake submerged much of the city into the sea. Caribbean. Today, remains Port Royal They are an important archaeological site as they continue to provide valuable information about life in the Caribbean during the pirate era. Among the submerged ruins, docks, buildings and artifacts were examined by underwater archaeologists.

According to history, Port Royal was submerged by a tsunami. Photo: Diario de Sevilla


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