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from DD El Comercio Although deals are on the table between Alianza Lima and Adidas, the legal details still need to be ironed out, and at the moment, we have been able to confirm that they are in contact with Nike until the end of the year. As many as three sources we spoke to on the matter (two from Mateust, one from the brand) agree that everything is on track. Once these are resolved, there will be no problem with officialization and the Alliance fan will have a new favorite sports brand

Although talks began months ago to extend the contract between Alianza Lima and Nike, the figures ultimately did not end on either side, while the marketing side of the intimate club agreed to negotiate with Adidas.A brand that has been dressing in Peruvian football in recent years, Sporting Cristal is a sponsor of top teams, national teams and footballers around the world, including Argentina, Real Madrid and Lionel Messi.

After several weeks of conversations and Adidas’ proposal, the privy committee learned that its contract with Nike expires at the end of 2024. Trade He knew that the relationship would last for the next four to five years. Likewise, while the brand wants to make it public, La Victoria hopes to take some precautions and wait for the right moment to make it known, of course, a press conference in between. As recalled, this will be the second time adidas have visited the Victorians, the first having occurred in the 1996 season.

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Cesar Cueto in Alianza Lima shirt (with adidas brand) in a friendly match against Real Madrid.  (Photo: GEC Archive)

Cesar Cueto in Alianza Lima shirt (with adidas brand) in a friendly match against Real Madrid. (Photo: GEC Archive)

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Brand History at Alianza Lima:

In its extensive history, the ‘Intimate’ club has worn a total of eleven different sports brands:

  • 1986: Nike
  • 1987-1988: Puma
  • 1989-1994: Calvo
  • 1995: Radius
  • 1996: Adidas
  • 1997: Kappa
  • 1998: Sentencing
  • 1999-2003: Answer
  • 2004: Phila
  • 2005-2010: Marathon
  • 2011-2024: Nike


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