Due to poor response, he was denied a visa to the US, but he got a ‘green card’ TikTok | Stories | USA | RPPUSA

Due to poor response, he was denied a visa to the US, but he got a ‘green card’  TikTok |  Stories |  USA |  RPPUSA

Maria Paula Ramos, a young Colombian, shared her experience on social networks. green card Denied tourist visa for expressing desire to know Hollywood And answer some questions lightly.

Maria Paula RamosA young woman Colombian The 26-year-old shared on social media how she managed to get one after being denied a tourist visa several years ago. green card. in your account TikTokHe has more than 66 thousand followers green card And to go by law America After being rejected.

First attempt

In 2014, Maria Paula Ramos Tried to get a Tourist Entry Ticket To move to Los Angeles, California. However, his request was rejected due to lack of clear plans and sufficient evidence to prove that he would return Colombia.

I didn’t appreciate the importance of answering these questions well, so I took it easy.” he commented Maria Paula RamosHe admitted that he did not adequately address questions of stay and maintenance in the United States.

After many years of relationship, Maria Paula Ramos Decided to try again, this time an exam Show the EB-3This is according to the Citizenship and Immigration Service America (Uzis), for skilled workers, professional or otherwise. Under the “other” subcategory, you only need to demonstrate the ability to perform unskilled work to qualify.

Maria Paula Ramos He explained on social media that this visa will be available to him and his partner Permanent residence.

Video credit: TikTok | @Map Corner

Visa for this green card

The process to obtain an EB-3 visa took 18 months. Maria Paula Ramos Created a website where he describes each of the three stages of the process. He mentioned that his partner found information about this type of visa and after investigation, they both decided to go ahead with it.

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This is a visa for unskilled jobs where you have no experience but it requires investment and is completely legalexplained the young woman.

Maria Paula Ramos Although he was denied a tourist visa several years ago, he concluded that this time he achieved it green card To do things well and prepare properly. His story highlights the importance Be well informed And when faced with the visa application process, be prepared, avoid hasty responses and have a clear and well-documented plan.

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