Earthquake in Mexico Today, September 16 – Time, Center and Magnitude, via SSN | composition

Today we share official information on the latest earthquakes in Mexico on Saturday, September 16, with epicenter and magnitude data from the National Seismic Survey Service (SSN).

At what time and where did he go? The last earthquake in Mexico Today, Saturday September 16? Find out through National Seismic Service (SSN), the most recent records of telluric movements in the country. Due to its location between five tectonic plates, the Mexican Republic experiences more than a thousand earthquakes per year, making it an excellent seismological laboratory. We share with you data like earthquake magnitude, epicenter of events. In addition, we also share the preventive measures provided by the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) in the event of an eventual emergency from the main seismic cities in the national territory.

Today, Saturday, September 16, tremors in Mexico

Why is Mexico shaking? Seismic and volcanic activity are unique characteristics of Mexico. Located on the Ring of Fire, the country sees the highest number of earthquakes globally due to plate tectonics.

Although the interaction between tectonic plates is the main cause of earthquakes, it is not the only one. Any process that concentrates large amounts of energy in rocks can induce telluric movements, the magnitude of which depends on several factors, including the size of the stress concentration zone.

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