Economy and BCRA called a press conference at 5:45 pm.


After the passage of the Constitution and the Budget in Congress, action shifted to other parts of the government. He Economy Minister Luis Caputo called a press conference at the Palacio de Hacienda’s microcinema.

According to the Caputo-led portfolio report, A press conference with central bank president Santiago Pausilli is expected to begin at 5:45 p.m.

Precisely, Caputo promised action pegged to the dollar if the Basic Law is approved. The minister hinted that PAIS will reduce tax rates. “We’re going to reduce it from 17.5 to 7.5. Argentina’s spending is going to drop sharply. “It’s going to be a new step in the inflation level,” he said.

The minister’s last press conference was at the Casa Rosada during the first frustrating negotiations for the then-draft basic law. On that occasion, Caputo announced that the government was withdrawing the financial package from the Global Plan.

A starkly different situation is the current one with already approved legislation, as well as the changes in the tax plan sent by the Executive to Congress, among which the reversal of the income tax stands out.

President Javier Milie celebrated the government’s move in Congress, although official sources indicated that the six-month administration had lost what they considered an extensive debate. In turn, Milei confirmed that Federico Sturzenegger will step into the executive next week with a formal appointment.


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