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Mexico City, October 11, 2023

Representatives of the United Commissions of Economy, Trade and Competitiveness and the Promotion of Social Economy and Cooperatives, raised with the Secretary of Economy, Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez, to provide tools to unite and create Mexico in support of the country’s economy. Competitive economy.

Representative María de los Angeles Gutiérrez Valdez (PAN), President of the Commission for the Promotion of Social Economy and Cooperatives, pointed out that there are different visions and situations that are very important to address for the economy and the future of Mexico. A country built in a competitive environment not only attracts investors but also nurtures its economic infrastructure with highly qualified human talent, which becomes an essential engine of growth.

He called for dynamism in the procedures as the main obstacle to opening companies in the country; Furthermore, he insisted on the adjustment of the allocation of resources so that the social and solidarity economy returns to branch 10 and welfare to branch 20, so that there are general policies that promote the development and consolidation of this sector.

Deputy Otoniel García Montiel (Morena) assured that the country has healthy public finances, a good economic recovery and a significant reduction in the social inequality gap; Also, measures to encourage foreign direct investment have been encouraged, which shows that there is confidence in the country. He asked to know how to support states with low investment to increase it and promote equitable growth in all regions.

Representative Juanita Guerrera Mena from Morena said the country has overcome unforeseen circumstances due to the humanitarian vision of the government and the good leadership of the Ministry of Economy. “Scenarios of economic development are perceived with confidence, allowing us to move from the uncertainty of the past to the consolidation of the present.”

Representative Yesenia Leticia Olua González (Morena) highlighted progress in economic matters, despite the legacy of past administrations, citizens have provided well-being and economic development through the cross-cutting collaboration of agencies in the sector. Wages in real terms were 86.7 percent; However, he asked what strategies the company would take for the development of the country.

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Morena’s deputy, Bruno Blancas Mercado, pointed out that the National Institute of Entrepreneurship lacks the operational, governance and transparency mechanisms for which it was created; In addition, this administration has prioritized boosting productivity by strengthening the internal market, promoting innovation, digitizing companies and protecting the family economy.

For PAN, representative María Teresa Castell de Oro Palacios assured that SMEs have lost thousands of jobs as a result of the poor management of the Fourth Transitional Government, “They did not give us a hand; It is believed that giving money is ruling. Yes, people need support, but they also need aspirations to move forward; Loans for women are less today.

Deputy Carlos Medrazo Limon (PAN) considered current economic policies to be expensive; Mexico has fallen on the competitiveness index, and if we don’t capitalize on the proximity, we condemn ourselves to decades of working poverty, informal jobs, and labor inequality. “With the pandemic, they killed thousands of Mexicans and thousands of companies alike for lack of support, and today the budget encourages consumption with aid programs.”

Roberto Carlos López García, PRI deputy, noted that for many years the social sector has been made a pillar of the economy, but in this administration it was transferred to the Ministry of Welfare, which changed its nature; Therefore, it is important to know what is being done to support cooperatives and all forms of social production in rural areas.

Representative María del Refugio Camarena Jáuregui (PRI) reported that the government of the Fourth Amendment failed to comply with micro, small and medium enterprises and cooperative members in the social sector. “We need pro-cooperative policies; “As it is necessary to improve the operations and development of the primary sector, the issue reverts to the Ministry of Economy.”

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For PT, deputy José Alejandro Aguilar López, important infrastructure works are created in this administration and create jobs in their construction, such as the interoceanic train, which aims to improve movement between the ports of Gotchacolcos, Veracruz and Salina Cruz. Oaxac, in order to add value to foreign and domestic trade; Seeing this, he questioned how many companies have expressed interest in availing facilities under the scheme and what are the training policies for the workers.

He said his parliamentary group is satisfied with the progress made by the agency as the changes demanded by the society have been gradually integrated by devolution of power to the service of the people by reducing and eradicating corruption.

Representative Edna Giselle Díaz Acevedo (PRD) said that the generation of mechanisms for cooperation and progress was not found in the formalization of the country’s economic activities; He asked how value-added development is encouraged to strengthen exports. On climate matters, he asked to know what has been done to fulfill Mexico’s commitments at COP 27 and its position on the Circular Economy Act.

Five years in public administration, he said, required searching, analyzing and studying what was best for Mexico. Likewise, he expressed his concern over the lack of environmental responsibilities. He said the administration had no clear direction or long-term plan, but only “events, mergers and explosions”.

Economic Secretary’s reply

While answering questions, Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez explained that it is planned to take advantage of the “crisis” to promote small and medium-sized businesses, which demand better trained people, with better salaries and balanced development of the country, to increase the country’s growth. .

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The improvement of the railway infrastructure of the interoceanic train should be completed by December this year, as well as the expansion of the Kotchakolkos and Salina cruise ports, which means that more than 90 percent of the work will be completed, he said. He confirmed that these projects in the South East are compliant with all norms and the workers are trained.

The head of the Ministry of Economy said that there are many companies that provide loans to small and medium businesses; We are working with them to identify all the difficulties they present, but the outstanding issue is making all the procedures easier and more accessible.

He clarified that since the Development Bank has 600 billion in loans, there are loans for small, micro and medium enterprises, but the issue of needs continues to be difficult. Efforts to create easy and democratic access to credit are aligned with commercial banking.

He spoke for adoption of best practices in the country and recognized that there are well-organized firms that advise smaller firms and whose useful lives are longer than others. This is replicated in other states with various systems to create national distribution elsewhere rather than putting the industry on the people.

To increase the national content of export, strategic sectors, the potential of products and goods that can be produced in the country should be identified, and then to have an appropriate incentive tool to avoid corruption, smuggling, unfair competition, tax, the official assured. Evasion and Avoidance.

On climate issues, he said, all targets are being met. Regarding the circular economy initiative, he opined that it is necessary to distinguish whether the industry needs a technological tool or finance, in which case it cannot be because there is already a scaffolding.

Text and photo: Chamber of Representatives

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