EFE Economic Day topics for Friday, January 12, 2024

Minimum salary

MADRID – The Labor Ministry is uniting employers and unions with the aim of capping an increase in the SMI by 2024, after last Monday warning employers that the increase would go beyond the initially proposed 4% increase if they walk away from the deal. By the government.

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(Meeting started at 8.30 am)


Spain Inflation

Madrid – Inflation in Spain in 2023 rose to 3.1 percent in December, a tenth lower than in November, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) confirmed this Friday, indicating a moderation of seven tenths in the base. Without energy or fresh food-, up to 3.8 percent.

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– December inflation is also published in France.


China trade

SHANGHAI – China's foreign trade (imports and exports) will increase by 0.2 percent to 41.76 trillion yuan (5.33 trillion euros) in 2023, according to official data from China's General Administration of Customs, as exports surge. , reflecting a slight drop in imports from the Asian firm.

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– China's consumer price index closed with a 0.3 percent fall in December, marking three consecutive negative months.

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Short markets

MADRID – The Spanish stock market – plagued these days by a dispute over the accounts of pharmaceutical multinational Grifols – will end the second week of the year down about 1.5%, its worst weekly result since late October. .

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Bank results

NEW YORK – America's biggest bank JPMorgan Chase and other financial institutions such as Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo also release their consolidated results for fiscal 2023 this Friday, which will reflect the impact of monetary policy. Policy maintained by the Federal Reserve over the past year.

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– Airline company Delta Air Lines, health insurer UnitedHealth and asset manager BlackRock also provide results.



Wall Street Cointhura

NEW YORK – Wall Street is on track to close the second week of the year with gains marked by U.S. inflation and annual results from the nation's major banks.



Information agenda

08:30h.- Madrid.- MINIMUM WAGE.- The Ministry of Labor invites social agents to close negotiations on the increase of the Industrial Minimum Wage (SMI) Ministry of Labor. (Text)

08:45h.- Madrid.- Tourism PERSPECTIVES.- Breakfast organized by Hotusa with President of Cercle d'Economia Jaume Guardiola and President of Business Circle Manuel Pérez-Sala Hotel Eurostars Madrid Tower. Paseo de la Castellana. (Text)

09:00h.- Madrid.- SPAIN Inflation.- INE publishes the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the previous month. (Text)

10:00h.- Madrid.- RATO CASE.- The trial of the former Vice President of the Provincial Court of Madrid Rodrigo Rato continues in the Provincial Court for the origin of fortune. C/ Santiago de Compostela.

10:00 am- Madrid.- ECB FINANCING.- The Bank updates data on financing received by Spanish banks at the European Central Bank (ECB) in December 2023. (Text)

12:00h.- Alicante – The EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) organizes the 'New Year Cup', where the new Executive Director of the Euroagency, the Portuguese Joao Negrao, takes on 2023 and the main issues affecting this agency.

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Madrid.- Workplace accidents.- The Ministry of Labor publishes statistics on work accidents for November 2023. (Text)




3:00 PM- New York.- Delta Results.- American airline Delta Air Lines presents financial results for 2023. (Text)

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1:30 PM- NEW YORK.- UNITEDHEALTH RESULTS.- UnitedHealth, America's largest health insurer, presents financial results for fiscal year 2023. (Text)

1:30 PM- New York.- BlackRock Results.- BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, presents financial results for 2023. (Text)

2:00 PM- New York.- Citigroup Results.- US bank Citigroup presents financial results for 2023. (Text)

1:00 PM- New York.- Wells Fargo Results.- US bank Wells Fargo presents financial results for 2023. (Text)

12:45h.- New York.- Bank of America Results.- American Bank of America presents financial results for the 2023 fiscal year. (Text)

1:00 PM.- NEW YORK.- JPMORGAN RESULTS.- JPMorgan Chase, America's largest bank, presents financial results for fiscal year 2023 (text)

17:00h.- San Juan.- PUERTO RICO AUTOMOTIVE.- The United Group of Automobile Importers presents the results of the car industry in 2023 and forecasts for 2024. FCA Caribbean, Metro Office Park


08:00h.- London.- R.UNITED GDP.- The Office for National Statistics (ONS, in English) publishes British GDP for November. (Text)

08:45h.- Paris.- FRANCE INFLATION.- Final inflation results for December are published. (text)

09:30h.- Namur (Belgium).- EU Employment.- The informal meeting of the Ministers of Employment and Social Affairs of the European Union continues. (Text)


00:50h.- Tokyo.- Japan Balance of Payments.- The Japanese government releases national balance of payments data for the month of November. (Text)

Shanghai (China).- CHINA TRADE.- China's General Administration of Customs publishes December data on trade between the Asian country and the rest of the world. (Text) (Photo) (Video)

Shanghai (China).- China Inflation.- China's National Bureau of Statistics (NSO) releases December inflation data, which showed a 0.5% year-on-year decline in the previous month. (Text) (Photo) (Video)

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