EFE Economy Topics of the Day for Thursday, August 17, 2023

Spain Air Birthday

Madrid – The creation of the Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) and the plan to establish an independent accident investigation commission, now stalled due to the election strike, are two of the major changes in aviation since the Spanish plane crash 15 years ago. 154 people died in this.

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Spanish trade

MADRID – The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism publishes the trade balance for the first semester, showing that the trade deficit decreased by 47% year-on-year in the first five months of the year to 14,065 million euros.

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Fuel prices

Madrid – The Oil Bulletin of the European Union (EU) publishes the average prices of gasoline and diesel recorded in Spain for the past week, which coincides with the start of the special operation for the August bridge, the full increase of fuels, which add up to five consecutive increases.

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UN Trade (Interview)

Nairobi – The Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (CNUCYD), Costa Rican Rebeca Grynspan, addressed EFE in an interview about the consequences of Russia’s withdrawal from the Black Sea Initiative, the debt crisis and its intersection with climate change. .

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Information agenda

09:00h.- Madrid.- Industry Situation.- The National Institute of Statistics (INE) publishes the business statistics of the industry related to the month of June. (text)

09:00h.- Madrid.- SERVICES SECTOR.- The National Institute of Statistics publishes activity indicators for the services sector for the month of June. (text)

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09:00h.- Madrid.- Employment for foreigners.- The Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration publishes statistics on the connection of foreigners. Madrid (Text)

10:00 am.- Madrid.- Spain Trade.- The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism publishes the trade balance for the first semester. (text)

10:00h.- Madrid.- SPAIN DEBT.- The Bank of Spain publishes the monthly advance of the public debt corresponding to June. (Text) (Infographic)

10:00 am.- Madrid.- Natural Gas.- The Strategic Reserve Corporation (CORS) publishes natural gas imports and exports in June. (Text)

10:00 am- Madrid.- Employment Tourism.- TurespaƱa publishes data on social security subsidiaries linked to tourism activities for the month of July 2023.

11:30 am- Madrid.- LENOVO RESULTS.- Alberto Ruano, CEO of Lenovo in Spain and Portugal, presents Lenovo’s first fiscal quarter (April to June) results in an online press conference.

Madrid.- OIL BULLETIN.- The European Union publishes its weekly report on fuel prices.




13:00h.- New York.- Walmart Results.- Walmart announces its quarterly results (text)

15:00h.- Rio de Janeiro.- Brazil Agriculture.- The National Supply Company (Conab) has published a new plan for the Brazilian sugarcane crop for the 2023-2 period. (text)


02:00h.- Tokyo.- JAPAN TRADE.- The Japanese government releases trade balance data for the previous month. (text)

SHANGHAI.- Computer maker Lenovo reports results for its first fiscal year (April to June). (text)



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