El Romcom Mikadono Sisters Tendra is surprisingly easy to handle anime – Kudasai

El Romcom Mikadono Sisters Tendra is surprisingly easy to handle anime – Kudasai

A press release from Aniplex announced that the manga was written and illustrated Nanny Hirakawa,”The Mikadono sisters are surprisingly easy to deal with (Mikatono sanshimai wa ankai, soroi)”, will have an anime adaptation. The report did not reveal product details or a planned release date.

For its part, Nanny Hirakawa Manga publication began through the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday From the publisher Shogakugan As of December 2021, it is still ongoing. Earlier he wrote works like “Fire Rabbit!!“In 2018,”Denshi for Akuto!!“In 2014, and”Kunisaki Izumo no Jijo“In 2010.

Synopsis de The Mikadono Sisters is surprisingly easy to tackle

As the son of legendary actress Subaru Ayas, when he transferred to Yuu’s Saiga Academy, a highly prestigious school where students could develop their individual talents, high expectations were placed on him. However, unlike her mother, Yuu is completely incompetent. Seen as a complete commoner, he is unlikely to stand shoulder to shoulder with Saiga Academy’s three emperors: Shoki, the Mikadono sisters who excel in martial arts and performing arts, Miwa, Niko, and Kazuki, respectively.

When Subaru’s friend agrees to take her son in, Yuu sets out to fulfill his mother’s last wish: to create a happy family, unable to form a mother-son relationship due to their talent differences. It turns out that his mother’s friend is actually the Mikadono sisters’ father. With her mother’s wishes in mind, Yuu tries to build family ties with the sisters. However, because they are so focused on their respective specialties, they are not interested in opening up not only to him but to each other. However, Yuu continues to support the Three Wonders as her kindness and affection restores the bond between the sisters.

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©Aya Hirakawa/Shogakukan/Aniplex


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