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First note in favor of right: For a people anxious for order and security, the better it is with a strong arm; Ownership is voice. Or Vox, the Spanish far-right party that acted as a reference and support during the conflict with ‘communist’ Pedro Castillo. Now we don’t have to go to Madrid to find the right-wing ‘Sao Paulo Forum and Puebla Group’; Buenos Aires is close and Donald Trump fans are already back in Washington. The Democratic Party’s persistence in re-electing a deteriorating Joe Biden can be seen as a weary resignation on the left, or progressive fatigue if you prefer to the populist and aggressive frenzy of the right. .

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“To the right is global change” Political scientist and left-wing politician Alberto Adrianson tells me. I ask him to talk about our peculiarities. Before you answer me, I read the evidence in the statistics. In the May IEP survey, when respondents were asked about their ideological identification, these results were obtained, eliminating the undecided: 36% from the right, 35% from the center and 30% from the left. If this ideological variable is crossed with those who say they are very interested in politics, the difference widens: 25% for the left, 33% for the center and no less than 44% for the right. Being right-wing, expressed or absorbed, is a ‘popular topic’, unlike what happened a decade ago when Dionisio Romero Seminario, the patriarch of the BCP, defined himself as centre-left; Today, pre-candidates who put one foot to the left now say they stand, at least, well in the center.

“The shock that Keiko loses to anyone in the second round will be important for building right-wing coalitions that avoid that scenario. López Aliaga, for example, has publicly expressed his desire for a possible coalition with leaders such as Carlos Neuhaus or Carlos Ananos. (Photo: Britanie Arroyo / @photo.gec)

For example, let’s put Andoro cares. As one ‘adventurist’ source tells me, its leader systematically avoids defining himself as left or right or centre; He wants to claim his ‘third’ order of nationalist ethnocentrism, where everything will not be the state, but there will be room for national business. Let us remember that Andoro aroused the interest and sympathy of the right wing. Rafael Lopez Aliaga (This is how he is perceived if he refrains from defining himself as such), and sent him his autograph book while he was in prison. My source tells me that Humala, despite his ineligibility to contest, meets local businessmen who have no identification with the Left during his proselytizing tours. We should not be surprised when Andoro or other disqualified or disabled leaders follow this trend and start embellishing their speeches and stories with right-wing friends, exploits and events in their lives.

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Carlos Alvarez, Having recently joined the País Para Todos party, the first step in refusing to confirm a presidential candidacy, he released a video in which he says he is left-wing on some issues and right-wing to fight insecurity. the right’s association with order, in the figure of Bugel and the anti-immigration positions of Trump and the European right; They will be featured prominently in the campaign. Hernando de Soto In an interview, he confirmed to me his desire to join the Progressos party and run for president if the conditions he believes are met; Avoid talking left or right. These centripetal contours may move some to the left in the campaign and some to the right if the lead is reaffirmed.

Slum Centre

Alberto Adriansen finally states what are some Peruvian peculiarities of the global shift to the right: “Countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Chile did not have the political polarization that exists today. What there are are sectarian poles, i.e. small groups magnified by the media. These small groups do not represent the people politically but act without taking into account the reality, interaction of forces etc. I mean, his best opinion. That is why, as Mother said, they make a cloth on their cloak and a parrot on their head. When I ask him for examples, Beato tells me, “What about JNJ, what about Harvey Colzado, where has anyone seen someone knocking on the president’s door?”

“Segmented polarities, i.e. small groups magnified by the media.

“Segmented polarities, i.e. small groups magnified by the media. “They do not represent the people politically, but act without taking into account reality, without taking into account the interaction of forces.”

Given this panorama, it is difficult to pinpoint a center. “The center is not a position, it’s a location,” Beato continues, “where people who don’t know what to say, don’t know where to be, are put.”. Indeed, in this period of frantic mergers before July 12, when the deadline for parties to register and apply closes, many parties present themselves as a centrist alternative to their potential shortcomings. The centre-right, which was the axis of the so-called ‘Democracy Bloc’ (later ‘Country Bloc’) that fought to unseat Castillo, has been very active in contentious disputes involving various candidates. You would think that APP, due to its centrist appearance, is more attractive than others; But Renovación Popular and Avanza País attract many well-known figures. For example, RB spoke with Edward Malaga, a former purple congressman. Although the Peruvian right is dominated by a religious conservatism that coexists with Catholics and evangelicals, it accommodates limited liberalism.

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Other idiosyncrasies of the right are related to the recent trauma and the current protagonist. After three consecutive losses in the second round, the possibility of a fourth nomination by Keiko Fujimori puts Fuerza in comfortable isolation. He didn’t seek allies, he didn’t lose cadres (it was a very solid bench) and he didn’t seek to lead the Congress lest he trigger his opposition vote prematurely. The shock of ‘Keiko loses to nobody in the second round’ will be important for building right-wing coalitions that avoid that scenario. López Aliaga, for example, has made it public that he wants to ally with Carlos Neuhaus (Chairman of PPC) Oh Carlos Ananos (a pre-candidate who defected from Avanza País to join the brand new Peru Moderno party). The latter, on the other hand, has opened up his range of contacts by talking to leaders including the left-wing centers.

Leaders and presidential candidates talk about coalitions on the right and center, and in this campaign, similar messages on the left. This is another indicator of a right-wing movement. Let’s look at what is happening in Congress for example. The Left, devastated by Castillo, did not express its activity before July 12. Free Peru It has suffered several defections in recent months (abstainers keep their electoral calculations to themselves) and Magisterial Vol He exhausts himself in his parliamentary occupation and bench reshuffle without a partisan echo. In Democratic transition More futures are felt, albeit in different parties: Roberto Sánchez of the JPP, preemptively promoting his rapprochement with the unpredictable Andoro; Suzelle Paredes, aligned with Primeiro La Gente, finds her plan to be a presidential candidate modified (or revised) with the entry of the Lo Justo group; when Sigrid Bazan and Ruth LukeAnd Nuevo Perú Por el Buen Vivir (Brand New Record) awaits Veronica Mendoza Decides to take control of the game. They have announced a ‘dingui’ (meeting in Quechua) to seek left-wing alliances.

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Indeed, the right is divided into its ideological opposite; But the difference in support in the polls, the Castilian trauma on the left and its relevance in the fight against insecurity; It will give him advantages if he knows how to present his candidacy where his Lima stink is suspect.


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