Eleven Spanish teams will compete in the NASA International Applications Final

Eleven Spanish teams will compete in the NASA International Applications Final

The NASA Space Apps Spain Hackathon took place this weekend in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Málaga, Leon and Urtulliz (Vizcaya). Winners of eleven teams competing in the NASA International Space Program finals. In particular, Madrid has brought together more than 100 people interested in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics at the San Blas Digital Competition School to work on solving 30 real challenges posed by NASA scientists and engineers.

Eleven successful projects have addressed Spain Challenges related to space and space exploration, But above all, they are focused on addressing issues related to the sustainability and health of our planet. Researchers have suggested solutions to raise public awareness about the importance of caring for the Earth for future life.

One of the winning teams in Madrid is ‘Bandalassa’, which has created an accessible platform that provides visual, auditory and interactive information. The ocean provides important services such as producing oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide levelsin the atmosphere Thanks to marine phytoplankton. This is to raise awareness of the importance of the oceans to the life of the entire planet, as their health affects the quality of the air we breathe and the quality of the food we eat.

Another winning team from Madrid has created an interactive game called ‘Galaxy Expedition Tour’, ‘Sweeping the Stars’ in Spanish. There will be more and more about the sustainability of space travel More common in the future. In Barcelona, ​​the group ‘Delphos Freaks’ contributed A solution for predicting geomagnetic storms affecting critical systems such as GPS and electrical networks and ‘Galactic Space Coders’, in Spanish, has created an interactive game to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the oceans.

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The winning teams in Seville were ‘Space Invaders’, ‘Invasors del Espacio’, an interactive educational game. Challenges in exploring Saturn’s icy moon Titan; and ‘Sevilhawk’, a platform for predicting solar storms. In Málaga, ‘Firefighters’, ‘Firefighters’ in Spanish, offers a solution, along with data from NASA. Help authorities detect and prevent fires; And ‘EcoFlush’ has developed a project Problems like water scarcity and floods.

‘Autodigger’ in Urtulis (Visaya) has developed a platform to analyze the components of the interplanetary magnetic field and is translated as ‘Team Rocket’, ‘Team Rocket’. have laid outA game that encourages interest in open science and planetary exploration. The winning team in Lyon is ‘Concordia’, whose project analyzes data collected by NASA related to the magnetic field of space.

A panel of judges with expertise in subjects related to the challenges is in charge of selecting the winning teams from teams formed by over 500 participants from six cities. A panel of experts will review the final proposals between October and December and select the ten best to present their solutions to NASA experts at the Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral, USA).

Artemis, the guide to artificial intelligence

During the 48 hours that the hackathon lasted, participants received help from Artemis’ pilot project. Artemis is an emotional guide designed to complement participants’ technical knowledge and gain its full value. This AI mentor helped them manage their emotions, overcome team obstacles, and effectively communicate their ideas to the jury.

And, that Be prepared to discover the emotions and challenges participants and teams may face during the hackathon. This pilot will allow us to understand how people interact with AI in a professional environment, how they share their concerns and emotions and finally, whether having this kind of support can really improve the efficiency and productivity of teams.

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