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Manifesting Tama Elian Corp Her husband left the US two and a half weeks after the former president Alexander Toledooutside Extradited to Peru and imprisoned in Barbados.

Like the former head of state, Corp Peruvian justice is needed. In his case, for a million-dollar real estate purchase involving his mother. Eva Fernenbach. The former first lady has been embroiled in an investigation into alleged money laundering in a case known as EcotevaA company incorporated in Costa Rica.

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On Wednesday, after confirming his escape, the prosecutor’s office requested the creation of an arrest book for the purpose of extraditing him from Israel. Corp.

His lawyer Roberto Su said The former first The woman can return to Peru until the 18-month detention order against her is lifted.

Although his return is unlikely, Elian Corp He has been the protagonist of a series of outbursts and excesses during his time in Peruvian politics. He has no qualms calling Peruvian politicians derisive — he called Alan García “evil, cruel and murderous” — confronting the press, calling out institutions as such. “Traditional Parties”Or upset congressional intelligence committees.

This is a critique of his most controversial statements.

2001: “Sound and Sacred Solo”

It was during the 2001 election campaign Elian Corp Alejandro coined a phrase about Toledo that is still remembered today.

“Listen to me, Limenitos, who are so afraid of the Peruvian people, my solo is healthy and holy,” he told Peru Possible followers gathered in a square in the final part of the election campaign.

September 2002: “Traditional Parties”

On September 9, 2002, with Alexander Toledo In administration, Corp In a conference with community leaders, he called political parties “parties”.

“We need real constitutional reform, and some of the traditional parties who claim to be on the side of the people are ignoring it, and they want to stage a coup, not just to screw Solow, but to screw up the entire Congress,” Karp declared at the time.

June 2006: Attack on Lourdes Flores

In June 2026, Elian Corp He pointed lightly at Lourdes Flores, the then leader of the PPC and candidate for National Unity.

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He dismissed the fact that Flores had no children. Because politics called into question the economic model of the Toledo government, which the former called on him “give birth” In a native society.

June 2006: “Mad Dogs”

Although the first lady, Elian Corp She again referred to her and her husband’s detractors with nicknames. This time, he did it with Apristas during an interview on CPN radio.

As such, he called APRA chiefs “mad dogs” for criticizing his trips and accusing them of waste.

May 2013: “Maleficent Punch”

Without authority, Elian Corp She continued to attack her husband’s opponents, former President Toledo. That year, the million-dollar purchase began The case of Ecoteva.

In May 2013, Corp used his Facebook account to write: “Strength Beautiful Solito. Your courage is ours, and our strength protects you like a mantle of light. An evil and murderous mob can never defeat Solo, armed with the truth of his democratic beliefs.Posted by the former first lady.

A few days after this report, Toledo was interviewed Trade. “Elian is a woman I love, she is my life partner. I love her, but we disagree on this particular matter. I understand the emotional state of seeing how her husband is dragged and knowing that her mother is ill. I do not agree with their views. I would never say those things because I respect the institutional nature of the presidency. I am a former president. I am not the judge, you journalists are the ones to judge. The truth is, I want to be a journalist.The former president has responded to the event.

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October 2013: A day of excess

A five-hour look Elian Corp He was recalled for exchanges starring the former first lady before the Congressional Oversight Commission, leaving her defense to serious allegations in the background.

Corp He must clarify that there were irregularities in the purchase of two properties in his mother’s name worth USD 4.5 million. On the contrary, his contradictory answers made sure to infuriate the president of this commission, former congressman Vicente Zeballos.

As soon as he entered the session room, Corp He tried to hand out roses to members of the commission, creating gestures of discomfort for some, such as Zeballos.

Former first lady Elian Carp appeared before the Congressional Oversight Committee. Photos by Think / Giuliano Beugles

In an exchange with former Fujimori congressman Hector Beceril, Corp said: “As for the trial court, I am sure you would have burned me with great pleasure if it had already been”.. To which Bezeril replied: “Not only you, but also Mr. Alejandro Toledo.” Zeballos urged Congress not to fall into provocative exchanges.

At another time, the former first lady also confronted former Congressman Mauricio Mulder. Corp Don’t stop answering questions. As a result, he said, it was difficult to hear his answers correctly. The answer is Corp It caused comments and laughter among the Congressmen present.

“Mr. Mulder, I’m sorry, I don’t have your verbiage, your political tactics. Oh, sorry, it’s called experience”.

The report again generated a call for attention and a response from Zeballos. But it didn’t stop there.

Karp added in his speech: “According to the rules, since Spanish is not my mother tongue, I can request a translation from French or Quechua. I ask you to be a little patient with my bad pronunciation and I would like to hear yours in French and see how we are doing”Mulder replied in French.

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At another stage of the session, Corp He decided to take off the jacket he was wearing. Congressman and bystanders whistled. “Because it’s 3pm, they’re a woman congressman’s right”, he answered them. Finally, the alien corp managed to subvert the purpose of his summoning.

Julio 2019: “I don’t speak Spanish”

Although the former first lady Elian Corp He previously responded to the media and later refused to make statements to the press, arguing that he could not speak Spanish. baseless justification.

“I don’t speak Spanish”said Corp When the Sunday newspaper Panorama contacted her on the phone in July 2019. The reason for this contact was that she would refer to the situation of her husband, who was recently arrested in California due to extradition proceedings against him.

By then, the ex-president had been serving two years by the Peruvian justice system after Judge Richard Concepcion Carhuancho ordered his detention on February 9, 2017.

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