Elon Musk announced the first human Neuralink implant. China responded with this ambitious plan.

China and the US compete in a wide range of sectors with manufacturing capacity Significant changes in the future. We've seen how economic and military forces have fueled quantum computing projects in recent years. Artificial intelligence and nuclear power.

A recent rivalry between Beijing and Washington is related to the development of brain-machine interfaces (PCI). While these types of efforts have been brewing on both sides of the board for some time, we are now seeing more interesting movements.

China and the US are at the finish line

Elon Musk announced on Monday that Neuralink had performed its first human implant. The company's PCI has already been tested on monkeys. started its clinical trials. Around the same time, China defined the development of BCI technology mainly to address its strategic needs.

The news came to light through A document Published by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The text describes the development objectives that the Asian giant considers relevant in the coming years and, given their importance, it will try to promote.

In the innovative products category, brain-machine interfaces are mentioned. The idea is that the country can develop a line of brain-computer interface products.Easy to use and safe” by 2025, as well as encourage exploration of applications in various sectors.

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According to the document, BCIs can play a key role in medical rehabilitation, autonomous driving and virtual reality. To achieve this, China has set a goal of developing a series of special policies to encourage projects in this technology.

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As we say, the Asian giant has been working on developing BCI devices for years. About a year ago, The government opened a laboratory in the city of Tianjin “To promote scientific innovation” in this field with more than sixty specialized scientists.

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Nurakom, La Neuralink ChinaHe promises to work on an innovative implantable BCI system Very safe and efficient Its chip can transmit brain signals and provide inverse stimulation. However, currently, clinical trials are yet to begin.

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