Eric Delgado Says Diego Benny Called Him to Apologize: “We Talked About It” | game


After reports of controversy Diego Penny On Jefferson Farfan and Roberto Guizazola’s Enfogatos podcast, popular ‘Logo’ Eric Delgado appeared on the show and answered what happened with ‘Dragonfly’.

Delgado He talked about everything about participating in Enfocados and especially reports Pennywho bragged about going abroad to play, while ‘Logo’ “only went out on holiday.”

“The man (Penny) called me and we talked about the issue and that was it… he apologized to me and I believe the issue was misunderstood. “I will not touch the subject again” revealed ‘El Loco’ Delgado.

However, when Jefferson Farfan asked him who was the best goalkeeper in the ‘give me what I give’ category, Eric Delgado I do not hesitate to answer that he was very good at Sporting Cristal and in the Peruvian team.

What Diego Penney had to say about Eric Delgado

A week ago, Diego Penny Jefferson appeared on Farfán’s podcast and was asked which of them was the best Delgado And this. “I was champion with the provincial teams, it was very difficult and I had to go abroad” He said provocatively.

Watch the interview with Eric Delgado

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