Erica Villalobos cries over ‘El Reventonazo de la Sol’ in an interview with Aldo Miyashiro | Breakdown | Video | Showbiz

Aldo Miyashiro and Erika Villalobos are the protagonists of ‘Pertoneme’. Photo: Compound LR/USA TV

Erika Villalobos and Aldo Miyashiro They surprised more than one by casting themselves as the protagonists of the new American TV soap opera ‘Pertoneme’. Truth tried to interview the cast of many entertainment shows, but it was the magazine ‘Eruption of the Cholas’ The former media couple sat down. In the previews, Michael’s parents laugh together, but later Erika Villalobos You see her crying.

Erica Villalobos and Aldo Miyashiro agreed today on ‘El Reventonazo de la Solá: Live’

What role will the son of Aldo Miyashiro and Erika Villalobos have?

Michael Miyashiro Villalobos will play the role of Laura (Erica Villalobos) and Lito (Aldo Miyashiro) in the novel ‘Pertoneme’.

What time does ‘El Reventonazo de la Chola’ start?

‘El Reventonazo de la Sola’, directed by Ernesto Pimentel, starts every Saturday at 7:00pm. In this new broadcast, Aldo Miyashiro and Erika Villalobos will sit down and testify together for the first time on national television since their split.

Erika Villalobos cries in an interview with Aldo Miyashiro

What happened? Erika Villalobos He sat on the platform Ernesto Pimentel with Alto Miyashiro After announcing ‘Forgive Me’, a novel they both starred in, their 18-year-old son Michael Miyashiro got his parents’ wish to star.

The actress shed some tears during the press conference. It is still not clear what made the remembered actress cry. ‘Big Blood’, But then she would be laughing with the father of her children.

When and where to see Erika Villalobos and Aldo Miyashiro in ‘El reventonazo de la Chola’?

Aldo Miyashiro and Erika Villalobos Presented at the host event Ernesto Pimentel This is Saturday 16 September Inside America TV On the clock 7.00 pm To watch it, you need to tune in to the show on national television for free or through its official website.

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Magali Medina is not afraid to compete with the novel by Aldo Miyashiro and Erika Villalobos.

Magali Medina “America Today” backed his plan after saying it was popular ‘Magpie’ I’m afraid to compete with ‘forgive me’. “How can I be afraid of competition?Yes, I have been competing with America TV’s prime time for 25 years, which has been soap operas all my life, first, foreign and, now, national. I know these products are almost always 22 points or higher, depending on which novel they show. And, of course, this soap opera (‘Pertoneme’), With all the morbidness they promote it“He promised.

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