‘Esto Es Guevara’ Producer Pancho Rodríguez Asks 450K Soles for Breach of Contract to Go on Chilean Reality Show

‘Esto Es Guevara’ Producer Pancho Rodríguez Asks 450K Soles for Breach of Contract to Go on Chilean Reality Show
The famous ‘Pitbull’ doesn’t see things rosy after being called ‘Win or Serve’. The American television reality show did not allow him to continue with his plans. | Vilax

Pancho Rodriguez He doesn’t have his best time in reality shows. Although Chile has always emerged as one of the best and continues to stand out wherever she goes, this time reality shows and her intention to change countries will bring her more trouble than happiness.

He was recently invited to a part ‘Win or Serve’ The Chilean reality show they reached Facundo Gonzalez and Austin Palau. Although shot in the popular ‘guacho’ style, it seems that the banjo did not suffer the same fate.

After leaving the reality show America TelevisionEverything seems to indicate that you have received a notarized letter asking them to pay compensation for terminating their contract. According to ‘Amor y Fuego’, the producer of the Pacchamac project will not accept this decision and they are asking for a million dollars if he decides to leave the competition. Count size 450 thousand soles.

Through a notarial letter, it reads: “We are aware of your intention to terminate the contract you have with Producciones ProTV SAC. You must pay the customer S/ 450 thousand feet as a penalty.”

Pancho Rodriguez receives a notarized letter from Esto S. Guevara.

Apart from this, they detail each of the clauses he agreed to when signing a contract with the project in January this year. It describes that these payments are made and that they are to be made even in a short period of time.

“If the landlord decides to terminate the contract, the customer will have to pay a total penalty of 450,000 Adiwara. Payment must be made within a period not exceeding 48 hours,” the clause states.

On the other hand, if there is no consensus between the two parties, it states that the decision will be submitted to a judge. “Disputes and Submission to Arbitration. If the parties cannot amicably resolve any conflict(s) that may arise out of this Agreement, they shall submit the dispute to arbitration, which shall be resolved by a final and non-appealable award,” the document added.

Pancho Rodriguez receives a notarized letter from Esto S. Guevara.

In another part of the letter, it has been described that the contract was signed on January 22 and its expiry date is December of the same year, so the host has 6 months left to continue participating in the reality show. Johanna San Miguel. Until now, Pancho Not commenting on the matter, instead, continues to promote his move of ‘win or serve’.

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The last day you saw me Pancho Rodriguez In this battle it took place on 30th May, after which they stripped him of his team captaincy. But on June 7, he was announced on social networks as the newest member of ‘Canner O Serve’ from Chile.

Pancho Rodríguez of or called to serve.

“Confirm! Francisco Rodríguez’s new participant of the service? Back to the dead period. “New reality show on Channel 13,” reads a post in which his photo appears.

However, he later shared a video in which he tells a little about himself and highlights that he has been a captain for many years and that he is also single. So, he didn’t rule out anything that could happen in this new adventure. “I am 39 years old and I have lived in Peru for 9 years. I am completely single. I have been a captain for many years,” he notes.


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