Evolutiva Office showcases the latest technology so companies gain a competitive edge – Logroño

“Evolution Workshop”The 15th La Rioja Technology, Communication and Business Management event was organized targeting companies and professionals. Group PancorboTaking place at the ESTILO showroom [Mobiliario y Contract]Avda. Located at the corner of de Colón 83 and Miguel Delibes streets (near Logrono train station).

Throughout its fourteen previous editions, the show has maintained itself The best annual technology event for companies in La Rioja.

As usual in recent years, the talks can be followed in person at the ESTILO showroom or through different online channels. For example, this afternoon there was a presentation on current attacks on organizations by cybercriminals.

90% of ransomware attacks occur outside of work hours, meaning cybercriminals take advantage of employees’ free time to carry out their attacks. In the presentation, solutions that monitor and neutralize attacks at any time are shown.

Another year, the “Evolution Office” participates Globally recognized brands Important technology and consulting companies, such as Dell Technologies, Sage, Canon or Sophos, in Rioja and nationally. In addition, different institutions collaborate (Telecommunications Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Computer Engineers, CTCR or Colleges of Architects and Decorators) and business associations (FER, Chamber of Commerce of La Rioja, AERTIC, Hostelería Riojana).

Technology and equipment exhibition

Evolutiva Office hosts an exhibition with a complete selection of technology and equipment for the workplace, including computer and printing equipment, mobile devices, business management software, network security and information security systems, automatic drawers cash management and furniture proposals. Work environments.

Regardless of the size, sector and characteristics of each company, the visitor can find all kinds of solutions and services designed for the daily management of their business.

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It also includes comprehensive presentations and technical workshops with current topics of interest to a diverse audience, from large companies to entrepreneurs, from students, SMEs, offices and consultancies, architects, interior designers, IT departments, management or marketing. .

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