Expo Pesca & AcuiPerú 2023: They promote technology and innovation in the fishing industry

Expo Pesca & AcuiPerú 2023 is a relevant event for the fishing industry. (Andean)

A sharp recession Manufacturing sectors Product of climate effects of the country El Nino phenomenon, social conflicts, among other factors, common sense. Among the various sectors of Peru’s production system, fishing has been the main one affected.

Published statistics National Institute of Statistics and Information (INEI), Shows an alarming decline: In May of this year, fishing production fell by 70.6% compared to the same period in 2022; To date and so far this year, Fishing decreased by 15.59%.; and year-on-year (past twelve months), The sector accumulates a decline of 8.61%. Such statistics have agitated the concerned institutions, which have been put into swift action to prevent the collapse of such an important operation for the nation. Seeking solutions that promote new technologies with a view to increasing the competitiveness of the industry.

So, on September 6, the tenth edition of The Expo Pesca & Aguperu 2023A relevant event for the fisheries sector held every two years (since 2003) and attended by key executives, experts, professionals, national officials and international officials of the industry.

“The first thing the government needs to do is to stop building barriers and harassing the fishing industry and the craft fleet,” said former production minister Alfonso Miranda Isaguier. (Andean)

In the report for Andean, France DextreMarco Peruana, Head of the Naval Hydraulic Line, pointed out that trade meetings like Expo Pesca & Acubar 2023 are fundamental for the proper development of the relevant production sectors as they act as important showcases for agents involved in the industry (in this case, fishing) to share new technologies used for products and services that companies demand.

“Our goal is to continue to develop this sector, highlighting responsible work and designs in cutting-edge equipment and technological innovations that have never been used in the fishing industry, for example, w.inches Replacing the traditional panga with variable speed hydraulic motors, mast modified cranes and radio-controlled buoyancy on new vessels,” the executive said.

Some of the inventions related to fishing were showcased at the event as fishing equipment Communication Modern equipment NavigationTeams Fishing, Radios, Radars, In the echosonde, sonorous, Betel leavesAmong other products that increase fishing activities.

Peruvian anchovy fish and fish oil, converted into marine raw materials and exported, are the basis of aquaculture in the world, which should contribute to the reactivation of Peru’s economy.

Marco Peruana, head of the Naval Hydraulic Line, spoke about the poor situation in the sector and factors affecting workers such as the dequalification of anchovy fisheries. In this regard, as per the expectations of the authorities and various actors involved in decision-making in the industry, he announced that fishing will not be operational until November.

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However, he stressed that this situation is temporary and post weather event El Nino phenomenon bass, Fishing will recover.

“This is a very important sector for the country. Once this passes (the negative effects of El Niño and the generally low environment), fishing will rebound as it has already shown historically. This is due to two main factors: the immense diversity and richness of our oceans and the rapid recovery Anchovies“, he added.

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