Federation: Technology, a new tool

Absorbed in the whirlwind of daily work, The Technology for Federations It gives us a partner to improve our time by removing the body, for example, to problems that we can solve remotely and with a single click.

Those who live in horizontal properties or gated communities know that communication, organization and management can often be a headache.

Simplification of communication, transparency and, furthermore, the tendency to avoid friction and lack of insight.

Today, there are tools that allow us to monitor ourselves Operational and administrative issues with a single click.

The idea is to “integrate” with administrations. Today it is possible An intranet or mobile application to channel co-owners responsible communication / information: From doubts on liquidation of expenditure, control of expenditure, problems inherent in strengthening security, reservation of common places, voting etc.

Costs: The question is whether to pay or not

Likewise, we are experiencing a revolution or rather a paradigm shift. Federal administrations It seeks to centralize all claims and avoid fragmentation of settlement administration by sending all information at one place.

When it comes to the scourge of insecurity, prevention is better than cure. At this point it is important to talk about the importance of feeling safe at home. And these new technologies They work to deter crime.

Spending increased by 86% in 2022, but crime decreased

Access control software for these communities is a very useful tool to monitor who enters and exits the premises. With the integration of cameras and alarms, you can monitor people entering and exiting in real-time.

In short, technology makes associations more manageable, makes administrator actions transparent, and helps address one of residents’ frequent concerns: security.

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*Expert in technology applied to horizontal property

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