Fernando Rocha promotes the contribution of women in science and technology

Fernando Rocha promotes the contribution of women in science and technology

  • On behalf of GPPAN, it proposes reforms in the State Science and Technology Act.

Durango, Tico.

Vice-President Fernando Rocha Amaro launched an initiative for reforms to include a gender perspective in science, technology and innovation, and to promote the equal participation of women and men in the business sector, academic institutions and entrepreneurial sectors. matter.

“In order to increase the productivity and competitiveness of our company, to promote the productive, economic, social and cultural transformation of our company through scientific and technological advances, we consider it appropriate to include a gender perspective in the meaning and reason. While expanding the reasons for the changes in the State Science and Technology Act, the respective regulations ,” pointed out Rocha Amaro.

On behalf of the Parliamentary Committee of the National Action Party (GPPAN), the deputy pointed out that promoting scientific research, technological development and innovation, better and more efficient production processes, better services, have an impact on reducing the impact of climate change. Facilitates access to well-being conditions for families and communities through environmentally friendly solutions.

“It is appropriate to include the promotion and recognition of contributions from Durango women and the men of our institution in terms of innovation in science and technology,” she pointed out.

The legislator felt that the evolution of knowledge and the development of technology will not stop, nor will it stop until there is an idea, a concern or a simple question that needs to be solved.

“Science and technology help us better understand and adapt to the world we are a part of, fight disease and generally promote better living conditions for humans,” concluded the distinguished representative. .

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