Fields or Saravi? George Forsyth chose his favorite for Alianza Lima Ark

Fields or Saravi?  George Forsyth chose his favorite for Alianza Lima Ark

Former Alianza Lima goalkeeper George Forsyth picked one of the Blue and White’s goalkeepers as the undisputed starter in the three sticks.

Fields or Saravi? George Forsyth Alianza Lima | Composition: Libero

Franco Saravia was the reason Alianza Lima didn’t score a goal in their last game against César Vallejo. The young goalkeeper had two key interventions in the Blue and White’s victory, winning one-on-one against reigning goalscorer Yorlis Mena. Liga 1 2023.

However, this is not the first time that Saravia has made it clear that he has come to fight for the most experienced position. Angelo CamposHe was not considered for the fight against Trujillo due to a minor injury.

If there’s a little debate about who should be the sole owner of the Alliance goal, it’s the former Blue and White goalkeeper George ForsythHe chose only one of his two favorites for all three positions.

As revealed by sports journalist Eric Osorus, Forsyth told him that despite Saravia’s outstanding performance, Angelo was still a step ahead. “Some More Crazy Campos”said the intimate former player.

(Video: YT Eric Y Gonzalo)

How many titles did George Forsyth win with Alianza Lima?

‘GF’ is an authoritative voice to comment on Alianza Lima’s arc, as he has not only played in Matute for over 10 years, but He was part of the champion teams of 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2006 seasons..

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