Financial technology, data management and cyber security are the most sought-after skills of banking professionals

Financial technology, data management and cyber security are the most sought-after skills of banking professionals

The banking sector in Spain faces constant changes and challenges. To prepare for the future and adapt to diverse needs, financial institutions are redefining the professional profiles that will dominate tomorrow’s banking. In line with technological evolution and accelerated digitization, banking profiles will be characterized by a combination of technical skills, specialized knowledge and interpersonal skills, as financial institutions recognize the need to integrate new disciplines and skills into their teams. An ever-changing market.

Artificial intelligence, data analytics, cyber security and risk management These are some of the fields that will gain more relevance in the configuration of future profiles. These areas will be critical in improving operational efficiency, delivering a unique customer experience and changing consumer expectations.

In addition, management and leadership skills are expected to play an important role in banking in Spain in the coming years. The ability to make informed and strategic decisions, lead diverse teams and foster collaboration and innovation will be highly valued attributes in profiles who wish to dedicate themselves to this field in the future.

Recognizing this evolution and the existing problem, the country’s banking institutions are investing in the lack of ready-made profiles that are in demand today. Training and talent development programs to ensure your workforce is ready for tough demands. These initiatives include collaboration with academic institutions and the creation of internal programs that encourage the acquisition of technical skills and updated knowledge.

In this context, Banco Caminos has implemented innovative programs to educate and train young talent in the banking industry. Its “Creando Caminos” program offers newly hired professionals the opportunity to develop skills in financial technology, data management and cyber security.

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“Spain’s future banking is seen as a more technological environment, customer-centric and in constant adaptation. Financial institutions must be committed to creating innovative profiles that encourage digital transformation, encourage collaboration and are ready to face challenges and opportunities. In a constantly changing financial world, without neglecting the importance of close and personalized attention to customers, Our main objective is to contribute to the betterment of the society”, he noted. Natalia Fernandez Vega, General Director of People and Communications at Caminos Grupo.

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