Find out which are the five easiest countries to get citizenship

If you are planning to move to another country in search of opportunities, you need to know which countries you can enter without doing many documents.

If you’re considering moving to another country, this guide will help you find places that make citizenship easier. | Photo: Pinterest

If you think so Settle abroad Start fresh, we tell you that there are few places that don’t require many procedures for you to enter and work. In this guide, find out how to quickly obtain documents to live in five countries.

These locations offer more flexibility to those who want to live permanently in their territory We will provide you with all the requirements you need to take into account. Pay attention as this information is very valuable. In most countries, obtaining citizenship can be a considerable challenge.

Countries where you can get citizenship easily:


Being is an addition Economically and defensively the best destination, one of the most flexible countries regarding citizenship. Requirements? All you need to do is be over 18, a permanent resident for three years, file taxes, demonstrate proficiency in English or French, and pass a knowledge test about Canada.

The educational model of this destination is recognized as one of the best in the world. | Photo: Canva


This goal is a Similar process. what do you want? Being over 18 years of age, Must have lived in Australia for at least two yearsPass a test on English language skills and values ​​and traditions of the region.

Australia ranks first in wages, education and environmental quality. Photo: Canva

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With a prosperous economy, the Requirements are over 21 years of age, have been a legal resident for at least 2 years, demonstrate steady employment and have a mailing address. Note, unlike other countries, this country does not grant dual citizenship You must renounce your previous citizenship.

The educational model of this destination is recognized as one of the best in the world. Photo: Canva

Dominican Republic

There are different categories of citizenship in this country depending on your situation. In the case of Common citizenship, you must live in the country for more than two years. for that Citizenship by marriageYou must reside at the location for more than six months and be married.

The Dominican Republic is one of the favorite destinations for its climate and beautiful beaches. Photo: Canva

If you are interested Citizenship by Investment, you must have lived in the country for six months and have invested more than 200 thousand dollars in real estate or some type of business. Finally, the Citizenship for retirees This applies to residents who have lived for more than two years and can prove a pension or monthly income of more than $2,000.


The country is One of the most flexible places Further. Citizenship can be obtained after living for at least two years, paying taxes as a foreigner, passing a test on Peruvian history and culture, and having no criminal record. Another simple option is investing: Anyone who has invested more than 25 thousand dollars and lived for more than 6 months can apply for citizenship.

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Peru is one of the countries with the largest number of cultures. It has 12 World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO. Photo: Canva

Did you know you can have a nationality with your last name?

Some countries prefer Spain is a very interesting and popular alternative for those who dream of immigrating to this European country.. This is a process based on your last name, which means that people with any of the options in this list are eligible for citizenship:

  • Get: Abraham, Acevedo, Acosta, Aguado, Aguirre, Aguilar, Alarcon, Alba, Aldana, Alcala, Alegre, Alfonso, Alfaro, Almeida, Alonso, Alvarez, Amigo, Amato, Amaya, Aranda.
  • B: Baldazar, Pace, Barrel, Barrios, Beato, Benavente, Benitez, Bernal, Bravo, Bueno, Bermejo.
  • C: Cabrera, Calvo, Camacho, Campo, Cantos, Carrasco, Carrillo, Carvajal, Castellanos.
  • D: Delgado, Diego, Díez, Díaz, Duque, Domínguez, Durán, Dorado, Duarte.
  • E: Enrique, Enriquez, Espejo, Esperanza, Espinoza, Escudero, Esteban.
  • F: Fajardo, Fernandez, Ferrer, Ferrero, Figueroa, Flores, Fuentes, Fuertes.
  • G: Gálvez, García, Gato, Garzón, Gil, Giméno, Giménez, Gómez, Granado, Gonzalez, Gutiérrez.
  • H: Haro, Henriquez, Hernandez, Heredia, Holgado, Herrera, Huerta, Hurtado.
  • I: Ibáñez, Israel, left.
  • J: John, Jimenez, Jimeno, Jorge, Juarez, Julian.
  • L: Lazaro, Leal, Laura, Larios, Leiva, Leon, Lima, Linares, Lopato, Lobo, Lopez, Lorca, Lorenzo.
  • M: Madrid, Madrigal, Macias, Machado, Manuel, Marquez, Marchena, Marcos, Martinez, Marin.
  • N: Nájera, Navarro, Navas, Nieto, Núñez.
  • O: Ocampo, Ochoa, Olives, Elms, Olive, Ordonez, Olivares, Orellana, Ortega, Ortiz.
  • Q: Pacheco, Padilla, Palm, Palomino, Brown, Walls, Jodi, Grapes, Peace, Easter, Pedraza, Pena, Perez.
  • Q: Quiros, Burnt.
  • A: Ramirez, Ramos, Real, Rey, Reina, Ribera, Ricardo, Rivero, Robles, Roca, Rivas, Rodriguez, Ruiz.
  • S: Salgado, Salinas, Chambers, Salazar, Salcedo, Salvador, Sanchez, Sancho, Serra, Serrano, Sierra, Silva.
  • T: Talavera, Toledo, Torre, Torres, Wheat.
  • U: Úbeda, Uría, Urrutia.
  • V: Valero, Vale, Vara, Varela, Vargas, Vasquez, Vega, Velasquez, Vera, Vergara, Villanueva, Vidal.
  • Z: Salazar, Zaragoza, Zuniga.
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Be careful, if your last name does not appear on the list, another way to get Spanish residency is to stay in that country, as well as some requirements of good civil behavior and integration.

Italy only grants citizenship with your last name

A: Abate, Abà, Abatino, Abatantuono, Abaterusso, Abaticola, Achilla, Achille, Achilleo, Achillini, Anes, Anesin, Anesini, Annes, Annesi, Annesin.
P: Bianco, Bianchi, Bianchini, Bianchetti, Biancone, Bottari, Bottarelli, Bottarini, Bottarin, Bottaro.
C: Sileti, Ceylon, Silesoti.
D: Dal Bianco, Degli Sposti, Di Fiore, Di Giovanni, Della Giovanna, Da Rossa, Deanesi, De Anesi.
Electrical: Esposito, Espositi.
F: Fiorelli, Fiorucci, Fiorio, Fioribello, Flores.
G: Giovannetti, Gianelli, Gianoli, Gianni, Gianelli, Gianetti.
L: Labate, Lo Russo, La Russa, Larossa, La Russa, Larussa, La Rossa, Lo Bianc, Lo Riccio, La Riccia, La Rizza.
N: Christmas, Natalie, Natalino, Nalato, Natalie, Naleso, Nadine.
R: Ritchie, Ritchie, Rizzy, Rizzo, Rissa, Rissa, Rizzo, Ricciudo.
S: Sorasi, Soraci, Suares, Suraci, Soraca, Sorachi, Soracco.
V: Vanni, Vannucci, Vannicelli, Vanno, Vanni, Vannetto.
Z: Janella, Janoli, Janier.

If you see your last name in this list, it means that you have an advantage in obtaining Italian citizenship. Don’t miss this golden opportunity and start preparing your documents.

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