Find out why flight attendants greet passengers on boarding | Stories

Find out why flight attendants greet passengers on boarding |  Stories

When we get on the plane, the flight attendants may seem friendly when they greet us with a smile; However, there is another reason behind that friendly gesture: they value travelers. Recently, a flight attendant explained this reason TikTok video It has crossed 6 million views. During the recording, Rania, a flight attendant for the Hungarian airline Vis Air, declared that this simple act was more than a simple act of respect.

Rania revealed that flight attendants greet passengers “to check if anyone is drunk or too ill to fly”. Additionally, they are also mindful of who can help in an emergency.

The aviation industry has a search for “healthy passengers” (ABP) that can help evacuate the plane if needed. Conversely, they should also ensure that certain users, such as children, the elderly, or those with physical and mental disabilities, are not placed in exit queues, as their lack of mobility can complicate egress.

The welcome greeting also serves as a second unofficial security check. Flight attendants check suspicious bags, such as coolers, to make sure no passengers fly drunk. Rania noted that this brief “hello” allows flight attendants to quickly assess all passengers.

Comments on the video showed mixed reactions. Few were surprised to know the real reason behind this greeting.

One viewer said flight attendants should mind their own business, while another said: “I know you’re judging me!” A third netizen mentioned that she believes the reason is because “they have to”.

Interestingly, what caught the most attention of users in the video was the task of the waitresses to judge whether someone is drunk.

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One visitor admitted that he had to drink to fly because of the fear he felt and asked for advice on how to handle the situation.

Another shared the experience of having to undergo a breathalyzer test because he greeted a flight attendant.

Some additional tasks performed by flight attendants

  • Safety Check: Before passengers board, flight attendants must inspect the aircraft to ensure that all emergency equipment is in place and working properly.
  • Passenger screening: Flight attendants screen passengers during boarding to identify potential safety or health concerns.
  • Handling medical emergencies: They are trained to deal with various medical emergencies, from administering oxygen to performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • Managing Difficult Passengers: They have specific techniques for dealing with disruptive or aggressive passengers to minimize impact on other passengers.
  • Temperature and Pressure Control: They are trained to monitor and manage issues related to cabin temperature and pressure.
  • Special consideration for vulnerable passengers: Extra assistance is provided to passengers traveling with children, elderly and persons with special needs.

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