First Iranian Shahed drones manufactured by Russia

First Iranian Shahed drones manufactured by Russia

Russian military forces have adopted Iranian-designed Shahed-136 drone technology for operations in Ukraine, with a special focus on the Kiev region.

Russian-Iranian dispute: UAV production

The legality of the possible contract between Russia e Iran Shahid about drone manufacturing. This concern follows reports indicating such cooperation.

Despite official denials, US intelligence sources have confirmed the existence of a joint Iranian-Russian plant. Tatarstan. The plant is under the supervision of the company AlbatrossThe previous focus on agricultural drones seems to have shifted towards security purposes.

Innovations derived from this collaboration, particularly the Russian-Iranian Shahed UAV, are the subject of attention and analysis in the global military sector.

A unique feature of Russian Shahed drones is the integration of an advanced antenna system. Comet-MA significant improvement over the previous CRPA satellite dish of Iranian origin.

Photo evidence after the attack in kyiv shows that these UAVs are already equipped with the aforementioned system, which, according to experts, complicates their interception. “This is bad news for us,” said one Ukrainian analyst [ucranianos – ed.] Because the Cometa-M is more resistant to our RB than the Iranian Shahed antennas.”

In addition to its strength, the antenna system Comet-M It stands out for its versatility in transmitting different types of data and its ability to operate over a wide range of frequencies.

Faced with electronic warfare threats Comet-M It adopts strategies such as dynamic frequencies and modulations to evade enemy detectors that rely on fixed frequencies.

The system also incorporates advanced processing algorithms and adaptive beamforming techniques that allow it to adjust its transmission profile in response to interference, thus ensuring reliable communications even in harsh environments.

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Security elements are also important in this Comet-MAs it involves encryption and authentication protocols, it minimizes the risks of interception or alteration of communications.

Expansion of joint space production

Iran is developing an aircraft carrier for its suicide drones
Iranian Shahad 136 drone

The Russian-Iranian commitment goes beyond just the production of Shahed drones. According to the report, it is using Iranian capabilities in replicating Western weapons systems, combining them with advanced Russian space technology and upgrading them.

It has been confirmed that a company near Russia’s technology hub Kazan has led the delivery of at least 50 Albatross M5 long-range surveillance UAVs. The expansion of the Russian-Iranian manufacturing infrastructure is evident through the hiring of bilingual Farsi UAV specialists.

The design of the Albatross M5 is the result of a collaboration between Iran’s Qods Aviation Industries and the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation of Russia, primarily aimed at reconnaissance and aerial surveillance operations.

Albatros M5 tactical capabilities

A symbol of adaptability, the Albatross M5 performs efficiently in both day and night cycles. With an operational range of up to 1,000 km and a climbing capability of 5,000 meters, this UAV is positioning itself as an excellent reconnaissance tool in the field.

Equipped with advanced equipment, this drone integrates sophisticated sensors.

The Iranian military has deployed the capabilities of the Albatross M5 in multiple theaters, including strategic missions in Syria, establishing itself as an invaluable asset to Iranian and allied forces.

Performance of the Albatross M5 in the Ukrainian conflict

The Albatross M5 has been a key tool for the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. Its anti-aircraft capability, with an extendable duration of up to 24 hours, makes it a vital tool for constant surveillance and deep intelligence gathering.

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Beyond its reconnaissance capability, the Albatross M5 has a diverse arsenal, ranging from guided missiles to precision explosive charges. This offensive deployment capability transforms the UAV from a mere reconnaissance device into a tactical attack platform, strengthening its relevance in Russian operations in Ukrainian territory.


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