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In a recent study on the level of user satisfaction Telecommunication 2023, the Oversight Committee for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) 53% users are satisfied with the service Fixed internetThis represents an increase of 19 percentage points compared to 2022. Led by which company and which operator?

For the first time, successExceeded, with 83% satisfied Moviestar (53%), which showed an increase of 25 points; Already Clarity (44%), which registered a decline of 3 percentage points.

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“There are surprises. The graph shows an important improvement in service, which has been a topic of concern since the pandemic. We are talking about a stable Internet. We have seen a significant improvement in satisfaction levels.”He pointed out Rafael Muente is the president of Osiptel.

The study also revealed that mobile service satisfaction has reached 40% of users compared to 2022. Meanwhile, the level of dissatisfaction has been reduced to 20%.

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