Flying for the last time after almost 30 years of service

Ariane 5 was the last flight. The European Space Rocket lifted off early Thursday, July 6, from the European Space Agency’s Courou (French Guiana) launch pad in Spain with two satellites, one French, Syracuse 4B, and the other German, Heinrich-Hertz.

The first of these is its mission Investigating and testing new telecommunication technologies and used for the attachment of second armed forces when deployed.

“This latest Ariane 5 mission is iconic in many respects. Ariane 5 has delivered two telecommunications satellites, Syracuse 4B and Heinrich-Hertz, to France and Germany, the first two contributors to the Ariane program. The twin launch vehicles, central to its success, have placed 197 satellites into geostationary orbit,” he said. described in a statement. Stephen IsraelCEO of Arianespace.

Arion was able to start his flight after suffering Two delays. The first of them took place on June 15, when experts discovered a technical problem and were forced to stop the trip. The second was due to weather two days ago.

Over 30 years of service

Ariane’s long career began in 1996, and she already has 117 orbital launches. In nearly 30 years of operation, Ariane 5 has placed 239 satellites into orbit, according to Arianespace data. Along the same lines, it has provided services to 65 corporate and commercial clients from 30 countries.

“Arian 5 occupying Now Its place in world space history. This latest triumphant work proves once again his supreme credibility in the service of European autonomy and rounds off an exceptional career. A series of technological and industrial achievements. We now take on the challenge of Ariane 6, benefiting from the experience gained with Ariane 5,” says Martin Sion, CEO of ArianeGroup.

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Ariane 5’s popularity reflects the success of its replacement, Ariane 6whose liberation It is scheduled for the end of this year. “It can evolve to play its full role in guaranteeing Europe Free and constant access to spaceResponding to the needs of its corporate and commercial customers in the context of major strategic, economic and environmental challenges”, notes Sion.

How is Ariane 6?

Scientists claim that Ariane 6 contains Upgraded version with more capacity. “It will be even more versatile and competitive and will carry out its first tasks with a rapid increase in production, supporting Europe’s corporate operations and meeting the rapidly growing demands of the commercial market,” the company clarifies.

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