FONAVI 2024: next payment, who is part of the repayment registration 2 and how to collect via Banco de la Nación | Answers


According to Jorge Milla, representative of Fenof Peru (National Fonavistas and Pensioners Association of Peru), Ad Hoc Committee Allowed new fees for former contributors Fonavi. “Administrative Resolution Approving the Payment to the First Group of Refunds of the National Register of Fonavistas Beneficiaries of the Nineteenth Payment Group” has been published in the official gazette. A Peruvian And those on this list are collecting last Thursday, April 25, at the Banco de la Nación.

What do you know about Reintegration Group 2?

As regards the next payment of Fonavi contributions, Repayment Group 2 will undergo some changes as per the assessment of the Provisional Commission. What does this mean? The distribution for Reintegro 1 group started on April 25, which is why they are currently engaged in the second distribution. As announced by Jorge Milla, a member of the ad hoc commission, this second group of beneficiaries will undergo some changes with the aim of speeding up the payment of contributions to the Banco de la Nación.

These variations mean that the group will include taxpayers between the ages of 77 and 80, not just the heirs of deceased Fonavistas.

The latest information on the payment of donations to Fonavi was reported by the president of Fonavistas, Luis Luzuriaga, who informed the Infobae media that the Provisional Commission would have already approved the Reintegration 2 registry, equal to the payment of 225 thousand beneficiaries. ; Contributors under the age of 75 and heirs of 75,000 contributors are included.

Pending to sign the registry are Fonavistas aged 75 years or older and registered with the Gonadis Registry and have serious or serious illnesses. Relatives of Fonavistas aged 93 years or older will also be considered.

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When will repayment group 2 be paid?

As discussed with George Milla, payment dates are expected to be in the first half of July (first or second week of the month). In addition, after the definition of the list of beneficiaries of the Grupo Reintegro 2 registry, the payment dates have not yet been announced; It will be established in the next session scheduled for June 27.

How do you know if you are on the Reintegration 1 register?

For the convenience of former contributors, it will be possible to check who will have access to this new refund starting Thursday, April 25. The only document you need to consult is your National Identity Document (DNI) and enter the website of the Fonavi Technical Secretariat () Here you will find an option to find out if you are part of the first reintegration group 1.

“To consult the information in Annexure 1 mentioned above, you should enter the consultation module through the website, option: ‘4. Your reimbursement number, along with the Fonavista holder’s identity document number. Check here if part of 01, April 2024′.. These are the official signs shown in recognized standards.

Which Fonavistas will be on the Reunification 1 registry?

It is important to note that Fonavistas already knew who would be in the Reimbursement 1 team to facilitate the reimbursement process. Below are the characteristics of people who will directly benefit from the new payment relationship.

  • Fonavistas over 80 Lists 1 to 19.
  • Fonavistas are registered with the National Council for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Phonavistas with serious and dangerous diseases (notably the Ad Hoc Commission should be aware of this).
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An important detail is that unlike previous returns, there is no limit on the amount payable this time. For example, earlier there was a limit of S/6,000. Of course, there will be a minimum, which will be S/40.

What do we know about paying fonavistas that are not in this registry?

Rep. George Milla said returns for those in Reimbursement Group 2 and Payment Group 21 are also in the works. “Payment Group 21 will be for Fonavistas who have not received anything till date”said. “However, at present this income is prioritized for Refund 1.”.

Fonavistas Association, for its part, List 21 of Registration Act no. 31928 indicated that it will be manufactured according to the criteria. That is, fonavistas over 60 years of age are registered with serious and dangerous diseases or gonads. According to estimates by the ad hoc commission, Fonavistas, recently added to the system, could start receiving their contributions as part of List 21 in October 2024.

How to collect Fonavi contributions from Banco de la Nación?

The beneficiary must bring an ID to the Banco de la Nación. At that bank, you can request that the relevant amount be deposited into your account or transferred to someone else. Please note that before collecting new Fonavi fees, you must check that you are included in the relevant beneficiary register.

Banco de la Nación opening hours

The public focus is Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm, however, there is a variation in provincial institutions: Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.00pm; And on Saturdays it runs from 9:00 AM to 01:00 PM

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Fonavi 2024 Refund Link:

To consult you must enter the website of Fonavi Technical Secretariat and click on option “6. Pending collection of payment groups 1 to 20. Once the refund has been verified, you can go to any Banco de la Nación agent with your ID to withdraw the money.


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