For the planet: Tec 10 accelerates climate technology startups

For the planet: Tec 10 accelerates climate technology startups

He Tec de Monterrey Accelerated 10 Beginnings Climate technology of Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Mexico, By A global effort Catal 1.5°T.

The initiative supports new companies Climate technology In emerging economies, and financed Green Climate Fund And this German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Tec de Monterrey is leading the initiative in Latin America in collaboration with GIZ and Climate-KIC. Additionally, it has a project in West Africa. This is the first edition of this program in the region.

The program has 2 calls: One Acceleration And one more Front acceleration. It is funded He Green Climate Fund And this German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Climate technology companies seek to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG).

Initiative Acceleration Programs

This year, there were 2 calls, one Beginnings of Climate technology oh Climate technology What are they looking for? acceleration, Another is for seekers Front acceleration Areas:

  • AAccess and power generation.
  • Low emission transport.
  • Buildings, cities, industries and equipment.
  • Forest Resources and Land Use.

with the intention of Mitigate Greenhouse Gases (GHG), In order to reduce the effects or cause less severe effects Climate change.

Details of calls are as follows:


  • 5 month intensive program.
  • 100 thousand euros (about $1 million 900 thousand pesos) in funding.
  • Mentors and Specialists.
  • Personalized content and workshops.
  • Networking opportunities.

The next edition of this call comes out in September 2024.

– Front acceleration

  • 4 months program.
  • 15 thousand euros (approx. $291 thousand pesos) in funding
  • Access to mentors and subject matter experts.
  • Training sessions and specialized workshops.
  • Networking functions.
Some of the members of the 10 startups selected from the CATAL 1.5°T accelerator call at Tech Ciudad de Mexico.
On May 20, the CATAL1.5°T Acceleration Bootcamp in Latin America began, held at Tec Ciudad de México and lasting 5 days.

Las 10 Beginnings Accelerated events from Latin America in this first edition:

1. Galaxy Pack

A reusable packaging solution that eliminates single-use plastics.

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2. Smart Internal Mobility (MUB)

Sustainable movement for internal transport of people and goods.

3. Vexcell

Biological nanovehicles made by fungi to improve performance in the agro-food chain.

4. Remade

Recovers, refurbishes and redistributes used electronics, promoting technology inclusion.

5. Endo Peru

Insect protein based nutrition with a focus on small producers in the agricultural industry.

6. Standard food group

Maximum nutrition with minimal environmental impact using edible insects.

7. Satellites on fire

Forest fire early warning system through satellites, cameras and artificial intelligence.

8. Microterra

Sugar substitutes produced by Lemna (microalgae) treat wastewater in its manufacturing process.

9. Discovery of Bioheat

It manages agricultural waste and produces syngas, bio-oil and biochar through mobile reactors and refineries.

Helps the food industry reduce food waste and add value to it.

What are the top 10 startups doing so far?

For acceleration call More than 200 applications were received And 10 earlier companies were selected which already had the first company Boot camp.

On May 20, The CATAL 1.5°T Acceleration Bootcamp in Latin America, and held in Tech in Mexico City It lasted for 5 days.

Prominent figures from the ecosystem attended,

Additionally, they have specialized support to understand the climate impact of their business model. This figure is known thanks to tools and methods Climate-KIC.

And about Pre-acceleration program There are already 20 out of 60 exams Beginnings And starting soon.

In the future, he explains, the intention is for the two calls to have continuity, meaning that companies leaving the acceleration program should enter the acceleration program. Felipe González Rosas, Director of LATAM Climate Entrepreneurship at Tec.

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“Our ambition is to create a sufficiently large scale of venture capitals, other accelerators, incubators and public institutions to support entrepreneurs by 2026.

“(It) can have a wide enough support network so that anyone who wants to do business in climate technology in Latin America and Africa can get the support of CATAL 1.5°T,” said.

Countries where the CATAL1.5°T initiative is located.
Tec de Monterrey is leading the initiative in Latin America in collaboration with GIZ and Climate-KIC.  It also has a project in Africa.

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